E-newsletter sent to reduce the number of broadcast emails

Seton Hall instituted the use of an e-newsletter last week in order to cut down the number of e-mails the Seton Hall community receives.

Campus Digest, the e-newsletter will be sent out twice a week and will cover news announcements and upcoming calendar events, according to Acting Associate Vice President of Public Relations and Marketing Linda T. Karten.

Karten said she believes the Campus Digest will help to reduce past email problems.

“For years, broadcast e-mail mass mailings have saturated the communication channels, often treated as spam and not opened,” Karten said. “Under this strategic effort, broadcast messages will only go out through the office of the president, office of the provost, office of mission and ministry, human resources, and public safety.”

According to Karten, there will be two versions of the newsletters that condense the news into one email.

One version is tailored to the interests of the students and the second is modified to the employees.

Karten said that some of the news is likely to overlap between versions.

Karten said she believes the newsletter will be beneficial for the community and she hopes that the students will see it as beneficial.

“Hopefully students as well as staff will find this e-newsletter a more useful and powerful way to send and receive information about University happening,” said Karten.

Freshman Kaylyn Sanbower said she thought the Campus digest was a smart idea.

“I get frustrated because I constantly get emails and I just end up deleting them,” Sanbower said. “If I were looking for news and I knew there was one email I could go to, then I would definitely go there.”

Sanbower said she would at least skim the newsletter because it would waste less time than looking through the amount of emails she gets.

Freshman Samantha DeMasi also thought the Campus Digest is a good idea. DeMasi said she receives so many emails that don’t even apply to her.

“I think it would be more efficient to people who actually interested in the news because then it would be all in one place,” DeMasi said.

DeMasi also said it gives the students a choice whether they want to read it or not.

According to Karten, the Campus Digest is the result of a collaboration between the department of public relations and marketing and the web development team, which was led by Marie Somers.

Karten said people can submit their news items either by using the submission form at the bottom of each Campus Digest or by utilizing the submission form on the Seton Hall University Website News and Events Portal.

Kelly Carroll can be reached at kelly.carroll@student.shu.edu.

Author: Staff Writer

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