University and SGA not currently working to amend cafeteria guest swipe policy

Students are still unable to swipe more than five guests a semester on their allocated meal plans after a glitch was caught in the system last spring, according to the Student Government Association and the University.

According to SGA President, Derel Stroud, because the issue of guest swipes was described as a “glitch,” it “is not a priority” to SGA.

Stroud noted, however, that SGA will continue working with Gourmet Dining Services to “discover alternatives.”

John Signorello, associate vice president of Facilities and Operations, spoke on behalf of the University and noted that Facilities and Operations oversee the GDS contract with the University.

“Students can use the meal plans they select, as they choose per each meal plan criteria for student meals, guest meals and pirate bucks,” Signorello said. “Students have the freedom to select the meal plan they want and based on the options of that meal plan, are not restricted from use within the plan criteria.”

However, students are still unable to swipe more than five guests because they are restricted from swiping more than one regular meal at a time.

The “glitch” was caught last year by late Director of Card Services, Mary Goff. Goff’s untimely passing put the initiative to remove the cap on guest swipes, “on hold,” Stroud told The Setonian in March. Stroud was at-large senator and chair of the student life committee with SGA at the time, and stated that “the policy needs to be amended.”

According to an article by The Setonian on March 3, SGA remained firm in the stance that students should be able to use swipes at their leisure.

However, Stroud also noted that, since the end of the spring semester, SGA has not received “any direct feedback from the student body on this issue.”

Stroud also noted that SGA will be working with GDS to work to discuss some alternatives, with Joseph Donato, chair of the student life committee, participating in the discussions as well.

According to Stroud, GDS provided SGA with research of meal plans at other institutions, showing what Stroud said he feels has Seton Hall’s meal plan system ranked amongst the top.

Stroud noted that he is not “100% satisfied with the way meal plans are sometimes allocated,” but cited concerns in cost for outside vendors, such as GDS.

“If students feel that this is a current and pressing issue, we encourage them to come out to our meetings, or contact us to let their voices be heard,” Stroud said.

According to Signorello, working to amend the policy is possible.

“GDS is always willing to work with the University and student body to discuss amendments,” Signorello said.

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