Students unaware of updated carpool parking pass option

Parking Services has given a new face to its carpool parking permit, an option that not many commuters know about.

Parking Services’ multi-car, or carpool permit, allows two or more drivers to register for one permit rather than multiple. However, only one car registered to the permit may be on campus at any given time.

Originally, the permit consisted of a single placard, which was moved from vehicle to vehicle, depending on which car was on campus.

This fall, parking services has decided to change the pass, adding a decal for each car registered to the pass, along with the placard which is still placed in the vehicle parked on campus, according to Parking Services Manager Ann Szipszky.

“We’ve always had it,” Szipszky said. “This year it just looks different.”

While the pass looks different, the cost is still the same.

The carpool permit is the cost of one permit, plus a $26.75 setup fee, according to Seton Hall’s Parking Services website.

The purpose of the permit is for commuter students who live in the same area who wish to travel together, and don’t want to pay for multiple permits, Szipszky said. “It saves them money.”

According to Szipszky, commuters do take advantage of the initiative, but the numbers have been relatively similar to past years since the change.

Though the carpool permit has been available for several years, many commuters do not know about it.

Junior commuter, Jessica Doerfler said she was unaware of the option.

Doerfler said that the initiative is new to her, but she would still choose not to take advantage of it.

“It is convenient price-wise to split with another person,” Doerfler said, “But not being able to have both cars on campus at the same time can be difficult.”

Anthony Santoloci, also a junior commuter, had not heard about the carpool permit.

“I don’t live close enough to any person that attends Seton Hall to carpool,” Santoloci said.

Santoloci said he did see the option benefiting students.

“I see it benefitting commuters that live just off-campus in South Orange. Simply because they all attend SHU.”

A carpool parking permit can be obtained by two or more drivers bringing their valid vehicle registration to parking services.

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