New SGA president wants to improve the Hall ‘drastically’

A new Student Government Association president was elected on March 29.

Derel Stroud, who previously served as chair of the Student Life Committee, was elected as President Melissa Boege’s successor.

“I decided to run for president because I want to not only leave an impact, but also to see Seton Hall University improve drastically,” Stroud said.

He considers such changes to be more student involvement and an increase in student pride.

As Student Life Chair, Stroud said he made many contributions to the University, such as securing expanded choices at Gourmet Dining Services locations after hours, addressing vending machine price discrepancies across campus, allowing commuter access to dorms for COMPASS events and having the lounge areas of residence halls open without restrictions.

Freshman Dolores Bujnowski, the newly elected SGA secretary, said she is excited to be serving with Stroud.

“From his past experiences as Student Life Chair, he really has a sense of what the students want and what they want to see here at Seton Hall,” Bujnowski said. “I am so thrilled to be serving with him on the Executive Board, and I sincerely look forward to working with him.”

Stroud wants to focus on making tuition money useable to everyone.

“My platform is simple,” Stroud said. “According to information from the Bursar, Seton Hall is a 91 percent tuition drive institution. We need to make the 91 percent work for everyone.”

Stroud also said he wants to continue working on a smoking initiative for the campus.

“One of the bigger initiatives that we are currently working on is a smoking initiative to make our campus more environmentally friendly,” Stroud said. “We currently have a smoking policy on campus, which we hope will be enforced, and we are currently researching other ways for this to appeal to students without going ‘smoke-free.'”

Additionally, Stroud hopes to have accountability for student budgets, an expansion in the University Center hours and increased communication between the SGA, administrations, clubs and organizations.

Stroud said he considered the past year of SGA to be effective.

“Melissa Boege and the executive board worked very hard,” Stroud said. “The senate also worked hard this year, and I hope for the hard work to continue.”

Bujnowski said she is confident in Stroud’s ability to serve as SGA president due to his dedication and personal attributes.

“I have 100 percent faith and confidence that Derel will do a fantastic job as SGA President,” Bujnowski said. “He is not only dedicated to the organization, but he is also compassionate and motivated.”

Originally from Ocean Township, N.J., Stroud is a senior transfer student from Brookdale Community College, majoring in Political Science.

At Seton Hall Stroud is also involved in Black Men of Standard and a brother in Alpha Kappa Psi.

Stroud said students are an imperative part of SGA’s ability to succeed.

“We in the SGA can’t do it alone; it is the voice of the students that matter,” Stroud said. “We want to know what students are thinking, what they may need, etc. I would encourage [students] to reach out to me.”

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