Freshman preview offers look at University life for admitted students

Freshman Preview for accepted students will be held on April 9 and 10 from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. in the Rec Center.

The event is held over two days so that each day can focus on different groups of majors.

Saturday, April 9, will be for declared Arts & Sciences majors and Business and Theology majors, while Sunday, April 10, is for undecided Arts & Sciences majors, Diplomacy, Nursing, Pre-Nursing and Pre-Business majors, as well as Seton Summer Scholars.

Current Seton Hall freshman Suzanna Forlini attended last year’s freshman preview and said the event was very focused on the students’ prospective majors.

“I liked it because you got to meet future professors and really got an understanding of what your four years here will be like,” Forlini said.

Another freshman student, Christopher Biondi, said he also enjoyed how freshman preview gave you the ability to speak with professors of classes within your major.

Biondi said freshman preview gave him a more detailed tour of the University.

“It’s like a personal open house to Seton Hall,” he said. “You’ll get that feeling from this whether or not Seton Hall is right for you.”

Both students noted they had positive experiences at freshman preview.

However, Biondi did mention one negative to the event.

“What I disliked about the preview is that there weren’t really any events to persuade any incoming students to make this their final decision,” He said. “I knew some people who attended the preview but ended up choosing another college.”

Forlini added that freshman preview played a role in her decision to attend Seton Hall because it was not just another tour of the school like other colleges had offered.

Biondi said the preview is somewhat of a “first step.”

“The freshman experience is the first step, like an initiation, in becoming a part of the Seton Hall family.”

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