ARC adds new subjects for tutoring help

The Academic Resource Center has added new subjects for tutoring that include Japanese, Chinese, logic and history.

According to Peter Hynes, director of the ARC, the center adds subjects based on the availability of tutors, as well as scouting for tutors based on the demand for given subjects from students and faculty.

“We try to offer subjects that will appeal to as many students as possible, regardless of whether or not they are enrolled in that given subject,” Hynes said.

Hynes added that the newest addition, the Asian languages, was made available to students, whether or not they are enrolled in an Asian languages class.

Yasmin Elkarrimy, a diplomacy student who takes Chinese to fulfill her foreign language requirement, likes the addition.

“It’s great that they finally added this subject because I’ve taken three different languages since high school and Chinese is by far the most difficult to master,” she said.

Elkarrimy said ARC is also helpful for busy schedules.

“My course load is pretty heavy so I don’t always have time to ask my professor for extra help before an exam, which makes the ARC a great alternative,” Elkarrimy said.

According to Hynes, skill in an additional language creates the opportunity for foreign travel or study and increases job opportunities.

“Regardless of major or career path, skills in math, writing, science, history, logic and language are essential,” Hynes said. “And despite misconceptions, it is typically the higher scoring students who attend these sessions, maintaining their grades and mastering these skills.”

Amanda Frankel, a double major in political science and philosophy, said she likes the ARC includes logic because it is an essential component in preparing for the LSATs, the admission test for law school.

“I plan on attending law school after I graduate. In order to do so I need to be well prepared before taking the LSATs,” Frankel said. “The LSATs are based largely on philosophy and logic related questions, so the ARC tutoring center is a great alternative to taking LSAT prep courses.”

Hynes said the added subjects are based largely off what is high in demand.

“The growth and success of these areas has increased the demand to the point where tutoring is possible,” he said.

Hynes also said all students are encouraged to stop by, without any contract to staying for an allotted time period.

“All students are welcome to participate, free of charge and can drop in during any of the scheduled tutoring sessions,” Hynes said.

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