Birds beware, students unaware

Metal spikes used in the parking deck to keep cars clean, though effective, have gone unnoticed by many students.

The spikes, otherwise known as “bird spikes,” are located on ledges throughout the parking deck on which birds and other animals could potentially sit. According to Associate Vice President of Facilities and Engineering, John Signorello, the metal spikes are used to help keep both cars and the parking deck clean. “The spikes are commonly used as a preventive measure to stop birds and animals from nesting on the ledges,” Signorello said. According to Signorello, the preventive measure aids in controlling the associated animal waste droppings and also makes the parking deck a cleaner place. The spikes are not unique to Seton Hall’s campus and are often used as pest management. “Installations of these types of devices are typical as preventative maintenance,” Signorello said. While the metal spikes have been installed since the early 1990s, most students say they have never seen or heard of them before. Sophomore Anthony Santoloci, who commutes to Seton Hall and parks in the parking deck, said he has never noticed the metal spikes before. Senior Lauren Cerra, who also commutes to the University, agreed. “I have never noticed the spikes before but will definitely look for them from now on,” Cerra said. According to Signorello, the metal spikes have been very effective in keeping the parking deck clean and free from animal waste. Most students did say their cars are kept clean and left in their original condition.

Senior Josephine Bhola, who often parks in the parking deck, did not know what the metal spikes were but agreed that her car is kept clean. “My car has always been clean at the end of the day,” Bhola said. Ashley Duvall can be reached at

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