Man on the street interview: students speak on the SHUFLY

Q: How often do you ride the SHUFLY?

Ricky Harzula, sophomore: I take the SHUFLY a couple times a week.

Nathan Morin, junior: I usually take it once or twice a week from campus to my apartment at Ora Manor

Katie Duffy, junior: I ride the SHUFLY roughly two to four times on weekdays and about six to eight times on weekends.

Q: Is it usually on time?

R: Most of the time it is but there have been times where it has been late or hasn’t come at all.

N: I’ve never had a SHUFLY be late, if anything it arrives a few minutes early. It is very reliable.

K: I feel that generally it is on time. I have had a few experiences with it being a couple minutes late, and one time where it did not show up at all. But for someone who uses it as much as I do, I really can’t complain.

Q: Do you think the online SHUFLY tracker is going to be useful?

R: Yes, it seems like a very good idea.

N: I think this could be really useful. I already know the routes but for someone new could get a lot out of it.

K: I think the tracker is a really great idea. I can’t say whether it is useful or not because I have yet to use it, however I definitely plan on trying it out. It will save me the calls to Public Safety to bother them about the whereabouts of the SHUFLY.

Author: Staff Writer

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