SGA senators take no action despite talk of future plans

At their weekly meeting on Jan. 31, SGA discussed ways to get students involved in February, as well as other business.

President Melissa Boege announced that February is Public Service Month.

Treasurer Mark Buyrk, along with Senator Elizabeth Gabriel, voiced different ways to rally the student body.

Their ideas included getting students more involved with SGA, as well as with Public Service Month.

“Students have been plaining since October,” Gabriel said. “It’ll help if a lot of students will participate. It’s a great opportunity to get involved in Public Service Activities.”

Kelsey Coolidge, Village Liaison Chair, announced the annual Off-Campus Living Fair, which will be held on March 23.

Coolidge also discussed organizing the Walk About.

“We’ll organize people to visit houses, introduce the village liaisons, and inform the public of campus events or problems they deal with in the community,” Coolidge said.

Freshman Senator Drew Holden addressed students’ concerns regarding library hours.

Holden plans to follow up with Chrysanthy Grieco, dean of University Libraries.

“I’m worried that student push for extended Library hours seems to have died down,” he said. “What I’m trying to do now is spread the word to strengthen the student push. If students think we should have extended hours you gotta’ do what you gotta’ do to get your voice heard.”

Senator Derel Stroud is concerned with the residence hall printers that do not work. He is also working to get the printers on ‘free print’ and not Pirate’s Gold.

The lack of use of the language lab usage among the student body was another area of concern.

“We’re trying to create awareness that there is a language lab.” Senator Harjaap Singh said. “We’ll start by helping the language department with getting new software and ultimately getting it utilized more. Hopefully we can get people to start going to the language lab.”

Senator Holden discussed the issues that were present at the Security Advisory Committee, such as the low Pirate Alert system response rate from the student body.

During snow days only 30 percent responded to alerts.

He also proposed ideas for managing vehicles coming through the entrance gates, as well as having faculty members wear University identification at all times.

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