SGA addresses green initiatives, student clubs

The Student Government Association met on Nov. 1 and addressed issues concerning sustainability, the double booking of event rooms and making the process of starting clubs easier.

President Melissa Boege told the Senate of a potential initiative with Gourmet Dining Services involving reusable take-out containers for the boxed-lunch plan that was implemented recently.

The containers would support sustainability.

Boege turned her time over to the Chief of Staff Jesse Beutell who talked about the tray-less initiative polling results.

The results were 46 percent positive and 38 percent negative.

The other 16 percent of those polled were indifferent.

Only 12.5 percent of Seton Hall students responded to the polling.

“We are responsible to our constituencies on campus but sometimes we need to stand up and say this is what we need to do,” Beutell said.

During Senatorial Courtesy, Senator Elizabeth Gabriel expressed her agreement with Beutell.

“Sometimes we do have to make decisions that are hard for the better of the student body,” Gabriel said.

Senator Renee Callender brought up students’ complaints regarding the reservations of rooms for use by clubs and organizations.

Rooms have been getting double booked, causing two events to be in the same room at once. Specific incidents are to be looked into.

Callender also is looking into having the SHUFLY go to Newark Airport before Thanksgiving break for students catching flights. She reported that a survey will most likely be sent out.

Senator Harjaap Singh talked of looking into a way to better help freshmen who want to create a club or event on campus.

He said they sometimes get bogged down in the lengthy process and hopes a new process will encourage students.

He also said because the minority was those against the initiative, the Senate should move forward with the initiative.

The Finance Committee approved several monetary requests. Mock Trial requested $840.50 and $1,148.50 for two of their trips.

The new Anthropology Club requested $90 for their event, “Search for Truth.” The African Student Association requested $1,000 for their event, “Our Voice for Change.”

All monetary requests were approved.

During announcements, Boege urged SGA members to attend an event held by START on Thursday evening at 9:15 p.m. in the Pirate’s Cove.

A discussion on sexual violence will be held. An episode of “Private Practice” will also be playing in relation to that topic.

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