Hairy Zet Forward

With “no shave November” underway, male students are looking to “scruff” up Seton Hall’s already hairy campus.

According to research and a survey conducted by Sperling’s Best Places for Schick razors, Seton Hall University ranked No. 8 in the hairiest college campuses in the country. Other top schools include Rutgers University – New Brunswick, in first, Harvard University, in second, and University of South Florida, in third.

The survey was done as research for a new product being released by Schick this April.

According to the Schick Hydro website,, the Hydro is a new razor designed to increase hydration while shaving and decrease, what is being called, a “hairy trend” that is said to be impacting a growing number of schools.

While Schick claimed that most men don’t shave because it is uncomfortable, both junior Joey Mottola and freshman Jake Bruno said that most guys are just too lazy.

“I dread shaving,” Mottola, who has a thick beard, said. “When I used to shave, I hated it.”

According to the research found in the first annual Schick Hydro hairiest colleges study, no matter the reason for not shaving, men who shave regularly are more appealing to the opposite sex.

“I like facial hair on some men because it gives them a more rugged appearance which hints they have some physical strength,” freshman Karen Morrison said. “I mean if a guy has a cute little beard going then that’s acceptable.”

The Schick study also claimed that men who shave are happier, more outgoing, more social, twice as likely to be employed and less likely to live with their parents.

“People look more professional when they shave,” Bruno, who shaves every day, said. “I think facial hair is fine as long as it is neat.”

Bruno did say that he planned to participate in “no shave November” to some degree.

“I am leaving my chin strap for a little bit,” Bruno said.

Mottola disagreed with the claim that men who shave are happier, more outgoing and more social.

“I am far happier, and I am still very social and outgoing,” Mottola said. “My beard is a conversation sometimes, I can talk about it.”

Mottola’s beard started as a playoff beard for the Lakers.

“They won so I kept it going,” Mottola said. “A lot of people like it, and basketball season started again, so the beard stays.”

Students who feel their friends or classmates are too “scruffy” can nominate them for a “Hydrovention,” a spoof of the show “Intervention,” designed to promote Schick Hydro.

Students can do so through Facebook by searching “hydrovention.”

Winners receive a surprise Hydrovention, taped live and produced into a digital video for YouTube, Facebook and

Bret Sperling, the third party researcher, and representatives from Schick did not return requests for comment by press time.

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