SGA expresses concern with new meal swipe policy

The Student Government Association highlighted several concerns including the recent Light Walk and the new implementation of a Gourmet Dining Services policy regarding meal plan swipes.

During her weekly report, SGA President Melissa Boege mentioned looking into food being served in the library for students, but focused her report on discussing what occurred during the Light Walk held by Village Liaisons last Thursday.

According to Boege, the walk and safety surveyiwas so successful that surveying will continue on Wednesday and Thursday this week. The Light Walk reports will be turned into recommendations and presented to Public Safety and South Orange Police. Recommendations include lights on Seton Hall owned gates and coordinating a safety project with neighborhood watches.

Student Life Chair Derel Stroud reported on several projects that are being researched, such as the new policy with dining services regarding guest swipes.

The new policy does not allow students to swipe their friends into the Caf unless they use their guest swipes. Stroud said he plans to find out why this policy is in place and possibly work out a resolution.

Stroud said other projects include allowing commuters into the dorms during exams and uniform prices for vending machines and washers and dryers.

Senior Paul Lasko addressed the Senate during the Public Forum regarding the proposed tray removal in the Caf.

“I disagree with this idea. When you take something away you create another problem,” Lasko said. “In this case, it may be the cleanliness of the cafeteria.”

Lasko said the water used to clean the trays would probably equal the water used to clean the mess in the Caf if trays are removed.

Boege said the senate would discuss the proposed tray removal at another meeting after survey results are complete.

The Finance Committee granted Black Student Union $548 for their Black Solidarity event and African Student Association $2548 of their original $2999.99 request for their King-Queen Ball.

Senators also brought up the need and desire to have more students come to meetings, which are open to students but see low student attendance rates.

Senator Bryan Lucas, Chair of the Academic Affairs Committee, addressed the apparent quality control issue the University seems to have and claimed that this lack of quality control affects students’ experience at Seton Hall.

“We are the students, the customers of this University. We have the right,” senator Harjap Singh said.

Singh also said the lack of quality control on students not speaking up for change about troublesome issues is another problem.

Finally, during announcements, a request was made for students to attend the Sunday night showing of King Lear, whose director, Dr. James McGlone, is retiring after 45 years of University employment.

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