Lip dub contest planned for November

Creativity combined with film making is making a stance at Seton Hall as Housing and Residence Life will host a “Lip Dub” Contest.

According to the official definition, ‘lip dub’ is a type of video that combines lip synching and audio dubbing to make a music video.

To enter the HRL lip dub contest, a group of students create a video while lip synching to one or more songs or any other recorded audio, then dubbing over it in post editing with the original audio of the song, according to the official YouTube video for the University’s contest.

It may sound complex, but according to Cheryl Janus, assistant director of Housing and Residence Life, it is more fun to put together than one might think.

“It’s a great way to tell the world how beautiful and amazing the Seton Hall campus is,” Janus said. “We are hoping to show everyone outside of Seton Hall our students’ pride in our campus and facilities.”

The Lip Dub contest is being co-sponsored by HRL and is open to student groups such as Hall Councils, RSAs and anyone else who wishes to participate.

The contestants are not just limited to dormitory residents.

According to Janus, HRL encourages everyone in the University community with a creative mind and a knack for comedy to sign up.

Video cameras are available for two day rentals from the Teaching Learning and Technology Center for free for those who do not have film equipment.

Entries are being accepted now. Completed videos must be uploaded to SHU Tube by no later than Nov. 1.

Judging will take place during the week of Nov. 8, and winners will be announced on Monday, Nov. 15.

The judging panel will consist of directors of HRL, as well as selected resident advisors of the resident halls at Seton Hall.

Stevi Kurus, a junior at Seton Hall, is not entering the contest but still thinks it will benefit the university.

“It’s a great idea because it gives students at open houses a chance to talk about what aspect of the school they like best,” Kurus said. “It allows for a wide variety of views about Seton Hall that otherwise might have not been known.”

According the Janus, HRL hopes to spread the pride of resident students and members of the University community across the campus.

Janus said HRL also intends to use these videos as marketing material for room selection 2010-2011, and they will also be used during spring open houses.

HRL does ask that all songs and actions represented in the video are the clean versions and in line with the policies and mission of Seton Hall, according to Janus.

Anything with vulgar lyrics or profanity will not be accepted.

Janus said the prize for best video will be a pizza party paid for on behalf of HRL for everyone involved in the filming process of the winning submission.

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