Commuter caf closed on weekends

The commuter cafeteria will continue to be closed on the weekends while Gourmet Dining Services and Student Affairs attempt to make the transition to the newly renovated Pirate’s Cove.

Students came into the semester unaware of the changes being implemented, aside from the fact that the Pirate’s Cove would be renovated with numerous upgrades. All upgrades, with the exception of some kitchen equipment, were completed last week, but students still were not aware of the transition since the GDS website still reflected the old hours. The hours were recently updated.

“In response to a student survey performed by Student Affairs to enhance the student environment, GDS was asked to extend hours in Pirate’s Cove from 7:00 a,m. – 1:00 a.m. from Friday through Sunday,” Anthony Frungillo, vice president of operations for GDS, said. “In addition the Pirate Dining Room is open to both board plan and cash customers on the weekends for breakfast from 7:30 a.m. – 9:30 a.m. and again opens for dining from 10:30 a.m. – 7:45 p.m.”

The new Cove options, which are offered on a pub and deli menu, are taking the place of the commuter options on the weekends and include many of the items that are available at Nathan’s, Leafs & Grains and the Pirate’s Express.

According to Frungillo, when the Cove’s enhancements were put into effect by Student Affairs, there was an agreement that the Cove’s expanded menu would replace the commuter food venues.

The Student Government Association recently presented their concerns to Gourmet Dining Services in a September 20 meeting, where President Melissa Boege said they met with Frungillo to find out more information about the changes in commuter caf hours, as well as the new features available in the Cove so that they could best chart a course of action to communicate to frustrated students.

“When everything is set up, the hot food line in the Cove should move a lot more quickly, and they plan to add a small express-type store called the ‘Sea Shop’ on the opposite side of the Cove that will include grab and go items and will have its own register,” Boege said. “We discussed publicizing the new hours to students, and Anthony said that he will be putting flyers around the cafeteria and on tables listing the new changes so students are more aware.”

According to Boege, initially the GDS transition from the commuter caf to the utilization of the Cove was a semester-long plan.

After meeting with Frungillo, the SGA was asked to consider giving GDS a month to get the new system going and to work out any issues before approaching them to implement changes. GDS is currently working on the issues which have arisen in the new system since its inception.

“GDS was well aware of the student sentiment when we came into the meeting and is more than willing to work with us to address it,” Boege said. “In exchange, we’re willing to give the situation a few weeks and see how it improves before suggesting an alternate plan for the rest of the semester.”

Boege also said that SGA is grateful that Frungillo is willing to re-evaluate the new system a month in, if necessary.

“As with any change this will be monitored closely and will be reviewed,” Frungillo said. “We would appreciate any comments by emailing us at”

Any comments will be shared with Student Affairs.

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