Seniors plan for life after graduation

With the uncertainties in the job market and the trouble regarding the economy of late, seniors may have a hard time after graduation. However, at Seton Hall, two graduating seniors have their plans figured out and are ready for whatever life may bring after graduation.

Virginia Crilly and Mark Cantine are two graduating seniors who know what they will be doing following the commencement ceremony on May 17. Crilly is an elementary and special education major with a content major in english and a concentration in speech therapy. Cantine is an international relations and diplomacy major with minors in catholic studies and Spanish.

“Right now, I have a maternity leave position that may turn into a permanent position,” Crilly said. She got the job through her student teaching with the aid of her cooperating teacher.

“I will hold the maternity leave position until June when the school year ends,” Crilly said, “I am not contracted to September in case I get a permanent position elsewhere, but it will last until December so at least I know I have something until then.”

Crilly is not alone in having secured a job for after graduation. According to data from the Career Center, 45 percent of the 2009 graduates from Seton Hall were employed in a career—related position. The statistics are not known yet for the 2010 class.

“I have been accepted to graduate school here at Seton Hall and also have a potential job in the works,” Cantine said. Like Cantine, Crilly was also accepted to Seton Hall’s graduate school, however she is not planning on attending.

“I was accepted into the four plus two program at Seton Hall for speech therapy, but as this year progressed, I decided I am more of a teacher than a therapist so I am not going to take the route of graduate school,” Crilly said.

According to the Career Center, 24 percent of the 2009 graduating class was accepted and or enrolled in graduate school and 4 percent was involved in applying to graduate school.

“I am hoping to pursue graduate school to receive my master of public administration with a concentration in non-profit management because I hope to work for a faith-based non-profit organization upon my completion,” Cantine said. “The potential job I am looking to set up is also a non-profit job and I see that either choice I make will help me gain experience and leverage in the non-profit sphere.”

Both Crilly and Cantine said they think Seton Hall had prepared them well for their futures.

“Try not to get your hopes down because Seton Hall really prepared us well and we just need to keep on plugging and keep on expanding on our options and keep on applying and applying,” she said.

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