Out-of-state students plan for summer storage

As students prepare to pack home for the summer, those from out-of-state are approaching the burdens of having to relocate their belongings into storage.

Students from out of state often have to sacrifice larger amounts of clutter or large items such as TV’s and refrigerators.

Those that do not make the sacrifice have to place many of their items in storage over the summer or rely on friends to store things for them.

Freshmen Megan Shane, from Salt Lake City, Utah said she had her items shipped to her from home while she flew out to Seton Hall at the start of the year. Now with the semester coming to a close she said she is unsure about what she will do with her things.

“I know that Seton Hall offers to store items for out of staters,” Shane said, “but I don’t know how much something like that will cost. I will probably leave my things at a nearby family member’s house.”

The Student Storage Company is currently offering deals for out of state students who must leave their belongings behind for the summer.

The student storage company prices items based on box size, ranging from small boxes for $19.95 to large boxes for $49.95, and will pick up your items at Seton Hall.

Junior Jeffrey Cash, from Joliet, Ill. said figuring out what to do with his stuff isn’t difficult at all, but it does require a long drive for his mother.
“I always pack lightly when I come to school because I travel back and forth for breaks by plane,” Cash said. “However, my mom does drop me off in the beginning of the year with my big items and picks me up at the end of the year.”

Megan Kelly can be reached at megan.kelly@student.shu.edu.

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