New recycling plan begun includes centers, more programs

Seton Hall’s Sustainability Committee has begun a recycling project in the freshman dorms.

Over spring break, new recycling bins were added to the freshman dorms on campus, as a first step in the university’s new initiative to “go green.”

The University Sustainability Committee, which is new to Seton Hall this year, is under the charge of Msgr. Sheeran and is comprised of four faculty members, three administrators and one student. Dr. Michael Taylor, a political science and environmental studies professor, is the chair of the committee.

According to Taylor, the committee started the new recycling program in the dorms because “students have better habits then the staff, because we are use to it already.”

The committee has worked closely with the dorm’s housekeeping staff to “work out some of the kinks” such as bin placement and keeping the recycled materials separated. Separated recycled materials will be combined for student ease, with bins for all paper materials and bins for all plastic materials.

Student Rachel Bradley is conducting an independent study in the residence halls to educate students on how the program will be run.

The university is planning to establish “recycling centers” around campus where non-traditional recyclables like light bulbs, batteries, and plastic bags can be disposed.” This summer recycling bins will be added to the academic and administrative buildings.

According to Taylor, next year the university will be working on lowering its carbon footprint. There have even been talks about obtaining zip cars that students would be able to rent for carpooling. The University Sustainability Committee would like to make the upcoming school year, “Earth Year.” They plan on coordinating earth friendly programs with the Greek organizations and SGA, to help spread the word about sustainability all year. They hope that this will also draw more students to the committee as members.

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