Sophomores to receive updated laptops

Starting April 20, 2010 all current members of Seton Hall’s class of 2012 will be eligible for laptop refresh. Students will be able to turn in the laptop they received at freshman orientation for an updated version.

The refresh involves updated hardware, a new operating system and software upgrade. It will run until April 30, 2010. New computers will be either the Lenovo ThinkPad T510 laptop or the Lenovo X201 tablet for math and science students.

“I think that the laptop refresh is absolutely necessary because the majority of my friends’ laptops are really getting slow and dying quickly,” sophomore Andrew Felbinger said.

According to the PC Support Services section of the Seton Hall Web site, Seton Hall participates in laptop refresh “in order to keep the technology current and to provide SHU students with the latest and greatest technology on the market.”

Sophomore Greg Smith has been working at PCSS as a technician since last July. This is the first time he will be involved in the refresh process.

According to Smith, the laptops that are in poor enough condition will not be accepted without fines. “All the laptops are thoroughly inspected for physical and hardware damage, if there is significant physical damage students can, and probably will, be charged,” he said.

He also said, “Machines that are returned and deemed in working condition are put into the loaner pool, loaner models are retired after about four years.”

New computers will run using Windows 7, the most recent operating system released by Microsoft. These will be the first Seton Hall issued computers to use this platform.

“I am very pleased that our new computers will be outfitted with Widows 7. Vista had a long history of various issues and Widows 7 has at least solved Vista’s mistakes,” said Sophomore Tristan Webb said. “Over the past two years, I have found myself in PCSS far more than I would have liked thanks in large part to the issues with Vista.”

In order to be eligible for refresh students are required to be pre-registered for a minimum of 12 credits for the upcoming semester. Students must also complete an online laptop refresh course in order to become familiarized with Windows 7.

The refresh course will consist of reading material about the new platform and four quiz modules. After all the modules have been successfully completed, a link will appear in Blackboard where students will be able to schedule a refresh time.

“I don’t agree with the modules that each student needs to pass in order to qualify for the refresher course,” Webb said. “In my opinion this is a waste of time.”

When students go to their scheduled refresh session they must bring current laptop, power adapter with cord, student ID and a copy of their Fall 2010 registration printout.

PCSS will not transfer any files for students. Any information that a student receiving a refreshed laptop wants to save must be backed up before the old computer is turned in. According to an e-mail sent by the PCSS Asset Management segment, it is recommended that students back up any files they want to keep on a flash drive or to CD/DVD.

Irene Wang, Asset Manager for PCSS was contacted but was unable to be reached for comment.

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