Attendance up for SAB Coffee House

The Student Activities Board hosts a Coffee House every Wednesday night in the Cove where artists perform for students free of charge.

According to junior Maggie Dougherty, co-chair of SAB Coffee House has seen more interest from the freshmen class this semester. She said that more students are both performing at the Open Mic Night and attending the events.

“I think they attend because they’re entertained,” Kyle Warren, assistant dean of students said. “I think they attend because they’re supporting their friends who are up there and I think that they stay and they come back because, well, it’s a good program and it’s something different.”

Dougherty said since Seton Hall is so close to New York City, SAB usually find performers there.

In addition to performers coming from New York City, many have come from other parts of the country.

The Coffee House also features a variety of other performances, including spoken word performers, comedians and poetry readings.

Some artists, such as Grace Webber have come to Seton Hall for the Coffee House before. If an artist receives a positive response from the audience, they are often asked to return.

“The people for whom they get the best reviews, they bring them back,” Warren said.

Students are welcome to suggest performers. Upcoming performances include Mike Deej on Oct. 21 and Nov. 11, ghost story telling by Gerald Fierst on Oct. 28, Paul Plays It All on Nov. 18, and a performance by Seton Hall’s Jazz Band on Dec. 2.

This year, SAB plans to institute a “Happy Hour,” meaning the event will begin earlier and students who attend will receive free coffees or lattes.
In addition, once a month is Open Mic Night.

This helps bring in performers from outside the Seton Hall community.
On these nights, students can sign up to perform their own work or covers of songs.

Open Mic Night started during the 2008-2009 academic year.
“It has really been an outlet for students to express themselves to their peers, and for their peers to support them,” Warren said.

Both Warren and Dougherty think that the SAB Coffee House is a good way for Seton Hall students to express themselves.

“We have a large population of students who want to showcase their talents and this is a great place,” Dougherty said.

Sophomore Jordan Falciani performed his poetry at the Open Mic Night on Oct. 7.

“I think that it helps people connect because there is definitely someone who you don’t know who has maybe even a small interest that you share,” Falciani said.

John Lienesch is a sophomore who many consider a “regular” at the Open Mic Nights.

He reads original poetry at a majority of the events and said he feels the event is important for students.

“I think that it is important that they have it to give the arts and music a place to happen,” Lienesch said.

The next Open Mic Night will be on Nov. 4.

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