Nothing wrong with presidential advice

On Tuesday, President Obama delivered a back-to-school speech to students across the country that sparked unexpected controversy.

For many Americans, the controversy centers on whether the President should just visit a school or give students advice on life as if he were the child’s parent.

The controversy includes Obama’s call to “pay attention to teachers” and to “put in the hard work it takes to succeed.” I just can’t see how the President of the United States telling kids to stay in school and get the most out of their education is a bad thing at all.

In fact, I think every sitting President should stress the importance of staying in school. It’s sad and depressing that someone can’t tell kids to work hard so they can live a happy and successful life without someone turning it into a political firestorm.

Needless to say, I am not oblivious to the fact that some people will always disagree with the President. However, there is no question that more and more Americans are turning to some form of higher education during our economic crisis.

A study conducted by The Career College Association (CCA) found that 38 percent of respondents indicated an interest in higher education. Furthermore, the study notes that “higher education looms large as an employment booster.”

So why are so many people complaining about Obama, his speech or his alleged socialistic views?

Obama’s speech is nothing more than essential positive reinforcement and behavior management that is usually exhibited by teachers, administrators, or anyone with a good intention of motivating the future of our youth, our country and our world.

Milan Stanic is a sophomore International Relations and Diplomacy major from Philadelphia, Penn. He can be reached at

Author: Staff Writer

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