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Senior Column:The thought of graduating is bittersweet

It is crazy for me to think that the thought of leaving Se­ton Hall has me so upset when my first visit here was a "why not check this place out" sort of situation. I was about 95 percent set on going to a dif­ferent school in New York and playing basketball there when I received the open house fli­er in the mail. I thought that I might as well give it a shot and hopped in the car with my mom to my eventual second home.


Although the basketball season is over, the team is growing

Even after basketball season ended, the men's basketball team still managed to score a slam dunk. Wednesday four star ESPN recruit Jaren Sina announced his commitment to Seton Hall. Sina, a New Jersey native, brings much needed help to the backcourt of Pirates. A recruit like this one is a big boost for a team that finds itself in new territory fol­lowing the move to the "new" Big East conference.


New requirements must be known to students

Students graduating in 2014 and be­yond will not only have to fulfill the requirement to take three Signature Courses but they will also be required to complete 10 infused courses by the time that they graduate.


Dating website: A rising trend to meet new someone new

In a society filled with people going in every direction, it can be difficult to find a compatible mate. Finding a quality person, who has the right goals and hasn't dated all of your friends, may become tricky living in a small commu­nity.


Seton Hall: Do not be fooled by solicitors

As stated in this week's Setonian, there are a growing number of individuals try­ing to solicit to members of the Seton Hall community. Primarily, solicitors have been observed trying to get pro­fessors and students to sell used text­books. Some solicitors have even been observed going door-to-door to various professors' offices, asking them to sell their used textbooks.


Making money while working as an intern can be a challenge

After being at Clear Channel Media + Entertainment for about three months as a marketing and promotions intern, the reality of not having a steady income is slowly starting to wear on me. I checked my bank statement the other day. I was literally shocked by the number I saw - how could I have possibly spent so much mon­ey in such a short amount of time?


Variety should be necessary for radio programming

Last week while reading this very newspaper, I was pleased to see the short piece on Nash FM - New York's new country music station. Why? Obviously I'm a fan of the genre, so it's great having such a station to listen to as I make my daily 45-minute commute to Seton Hall. But more than that, it's nice to see some actual variety in metro area radio programming.


Transportation to the airport must be provided

With the end of the semester just around the corner, students are beginning to plan their trips back home for the summer. Although many students live close by so they can drive, take a train or bus back home, other students are not that close.


Despite tough circumstances, the Pirates never gave up

The Pirates long season fi­nally came to an end Wednes­day night at the hands of Syracuse. The team may have finished with their lowest win total in the Big East since 1985-86 season but it's noth­ing that Pirate fans should be ashamed of.

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