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Column: Choosing a major is choosing a journey

I grew up the fifth of seven children with a lot of loud cousins. I’ve never had a problem making my voice heard above the chaotic sounds of my beloved siblings but words don’t always translate into choices.  A lot of my family members and friends went to Seton Hall, majoring mostly in the sciences, graduated and moved on to bigger institutions and better incomes. I barely thought about my choice of college and followed along the path I was familiar and comfortable with. There was a peace in doing what was already done. I felt that I would have support in this area and people who knew how to navigate this type of major and the specifics that went with it.


An open letter to my pro-life father

Political discussion has become an unavoidable topic in my home since the election of President Donald J. Trump – especially since I am a liberal Democrat and my father a conservative Republican.


PETA’s definition of abuse goes too far

After a long tiresome day, I don’t always get home in the best of moods. That changes the moment I walk in my front door, though, as I see my cat, Audrey, and my dog, Finn. Suddenly the stress of my day leaves my mind. I am an animal lover, but more specifically, I am a dog and cat lover. I’m a pet lover.


Cells phones a source of disconnect

There is no better way to finish a day at Seton Hall than by grabbing dinner at the cafeteria with some friends. That is, until the first pause in conversation cues the inevitable use of cell phones, which instantly makes me feel disconnected and distant.


The Garden State could get a little greener

But with more and more states moving towards accepting recreational marijuana use, will New Jersey be far behind? Gov. Chris Christie’s second term ends next year and the citizens of the Garden State have the opportunity to elect a candidate who supports recreational marijuana use.

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