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Photo via Esmeralda Arias.

E-Board column: Just a girl and her pen

I remember when I wrote my first article for the Setonian. I felt the rush of a deadline, the excitement of finally writing, and the nervousness of interviews.

I always enjoyed writing. I would rather write a paper than take a test or solve a math problem because I know with writing I can express myself. The thing about journalism is that it's not about the writer, it's about who you are writing about and your audience.

My professor for feature writing often said, “Stories are about people.” Throughout my experience writing for the Setonian and journalism classes here at Seton Hall, I aimed to write meaningful stories. These stories weren’t for me or my resume but for the awareness of the impactful stories of the people I am writing about.

That first article was not easy because writing is hard. Writing is spreading a message, reporting the truth, and creatively communicating with society. I interviewed students, gathered information and facts, and slowly developed a story.

After edits and feedback from my editor, my first story was published, and I felt relieved. My parents shared it with all their friends and even on their Facebook page, even though English is not their first language. I showed the article to my boss at the Career Center, some friends, and my boyfriend, and I was proud of it.

After that first article, I became inspired and wanted to write more about people's stories. I wish to capture the beauty of people's stories through writing and creating more stories that trigger society to have hope and creativity.

I am grateful for Emma, my editor-in-chief, who gave me my first assignment and believed in me. I thank my sources for trusting me with their thoughts and stories. I am grateful for my Campus Life team who have inspired my writing and editing skills for the greater.

Thank you to the Setonian for making my college experience so far more meaningful. Thank you to all my communication and journalism professors who have taught me AP-style writing and the importance of seeking the truth and reporting it.

Additionally, I am grateful to my high school teacher John Holoduek who always pushed me and mentored me about life, culture, and the working industry. Who helped me realize the importance, power, and beauty of writing and communicating.

So, I will continue with my gel ink pen jotting down notes from the inspiring stories people share with me and with those notes creating something new and meaningful. With every stroke, I hope to create and never stop aiming for creativity and honest communication.

Esmeralda Arias, Assistant Campus Life Editor, writes for Campus Life. She can be reached at 

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