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Photo by Jonathan Rivera

Students write love notes for Valentine’s Day

Each year on Feb. 14 we celebrate Valentine’s Day, a holiday which unites family, friends, significant others and anyone you appreciate in life. 

I asked the Seton Hall student community to write notes to the special people in their lives. From one-liners to poems, serious to silly and partners to secret admirers – this is what students had to say.

Here are some classic messages:

“Hey Clare, Happy Valentine’s Day! Hope your day is going well and you get tons of chocolate!” ~ From, Forrester.

“To A: Happy Valentine’s Day! I hope you can have as much happiness as you bring me.” ~ Much Rizz, C.

“Hey Eddie, Happy Valentine’s! Love you” ~ From, Yours Truly.

“Dear Emily Torres from my morning business finance class: I hope you see this message. We have had a few classes and just wanted to let you know that I think you’re cute and I also like how comfortable you are in your sense of style.” ~ From, Anonymous

Some students decided the way to someone’s heart is through humor:

“Are you words on a page? Because if you were, you’d be fine print (journalism rizz)” ~ To Neve, From Anonymous.

“I, anonymous, love Aaron Bobby Joel Nishbert with all my heart. His atrocious gym splits like ‘right and left’ and his ability to flake out on plans because of such reasons as ‘his mother said no’ really mesmerize me – some may call it utter stupidity, but I call it unspoken genius. I feel as though he is every girl’s dream.” ~ With love, an Aaron Bobby Joel Nishbert fan

One pirate even channeled their inner Shakespeare to express their love:

“To My Legume Lady”

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“‘Twas a fair night that I so happened to spot

A dashing maiden in blue, sporting a pot

Of hearty minestrone, how enticing

Prithee I brandish and aid with the dicing!

Let me curry thy favor, O faerie so chaste

May I hold thy hand as I bend at the waist

For a small sampling of thy finest soup

Lest I fall ill and struck with a croup!

My lute and my words testify homage

As does a freshly made wheel of fromage

Lend me thine heart, and spare me all brine

O Lovely Legume, I long for thee to be mine!” ~ Gerrison Pierce II, a pen name chosen by the student.

Whether or not you have a significant other, the important thing is to celebrate this holiday with the people you care about. 

Grab comfy blankets and have a movie night with your friends, bring different dishes to host a potluck dinner with your family or bring board games and have a game night with the people you love. If you’re on your own, do some crafts, have a self-care day or take a day trip to your favorite place. 

No matter how you celebrate the day or who you’re with, know that you are always loved all year long.

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