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Cozy up for the cold season

The colder weather tends to welcome warmer clothes as students swap out their flannels for puffer jackets and their sneakers for Uggs. 

Although he would rather the summer weather, Matthew Arizmendi, a senior marketing major, prefers styling winter clothing. 

“I have a bunch of hoodies and jackets that I like to style and can only do so in the winter,” Arizmendi said. “Winter is all about throwing layers on and mixing and matching all types of pieces, whereas the summer doesn’t allow much versatility without getting too hot.”

Arizmendi’s winter fashion includes pieces like his puffer jacket, fleece sweaters and Timberland boots. 

“As much as I like to dress up in well put-together outfits, I choose warmth over style; therefore, my go-to outfit for the winter are my Nike retro sweatpants with my fleece Nike hoodie,” he said. 

When he steps away from the all-black colored outfits, Arizmendi tends to wear more earth tone colors.

“Earth tones go really well with my skin color which is why a lot of my clothing articles are in shades of brown and cream,” he said.  

Arizmendi said 2nd Ave Thrift Superstore in Union, where he purchased most of his beloved clothing pieces, is his favorite place to shop. He also travels to New York City to thrift high-end items at affordable prices. 

“I got into thrifting at the beginning of my college career and have stuck to it ever since,” Arizmendi said. “It is a more budget-friendly option, but also helps with experimenting with different styles.”

For students looking to start thrift shopping, Arizmendi said it requires investing time and effort “as the hunt for the perfect piece can be challenging.” He said it’s possible to spend hours thrifting before finding the perfect piece.

“However, this process also cultivates a sense of creativity, encouraging you to step outside your comfort zone and explore pieces you might not typically consider,” Arizmendi said. “Approach thrift shopping with an open mind, embrace the unexpected and be receptive to new possibilities.”

Arizmendi layers these clothing items in a way that expresses his sense of style while staying warm in the cold weather. He said he “gravitates toward three main staples” of pants, including sweatpants, corduroy pants or relaxed-fit jeans. 

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“I particularly favor heavier fabrics for added warmth and durability,” Arizmendi said. “I enjoy styling oversized tees, often layered with a long sleeve underneath for added versatility. Depending on the weather, I'll layer with a hoodie, jacket or both if it’s that cold.”

Other students also layer their clothing with their favorite jacket or hoodie. Madie Phillips, a senior marketing major, said she normally wears layers with sweat suits. 

“I’ll put a long sleeve shirt under my hoodie and then put either my puffer jacket on over it or a vest,” Phillips said. 

Phillips expressed her love of sweat suits for the winter season, calling them her “go-to” outfit. 

“I love how comfy they are and if I am in a rush, it’s my go-to,” she said. 

She buys most of her sweat suits and other clothes online, but if she goes shopping in-person, she shops at ZARA because of their “wide selection of clothes.”

“I do most of my shopping online,” Phillips said. “My three favorite places for online shopping are Pretty Little Thing, That’s so Fetch and Body by Raven Tracey.”

Phillips said her two favorite accessories are beanies and sunglasses. Whether the item is black, pink, red or gray, she will buy it because they are her “everyday colors.”

“My staple in the winter is definitely a beanie, but for an accessory, always sunglasses–I can’t leave the house without them,” Phillips said. 

Although Phillips prefers summertime fashion, she still takes pride in her outfit whether at home or in public. 

“I feel like presenting yourself properly is always important no matter if you’re going out with friends or going to the grocery store,” she said. “You never know who you’ll see.”

More students like Chelsea Major, a senior psychology major, also prefer summer fashion but continue to dress up for the winter. 

“I prefer summer because I feel like it’s more versatile,” Major said. “I love a good two-piece set because they’re easy when it’s cold outside and they are very warm while still looking cohesive.”

Major said she feels confident wearing her staple clothing piece: mom jeans, and a beanie to accessorize, if the weather permits. 

“I do care about how I present myself, but sometimes the weather overrides what I want to wear,” Major said. 

She said most of her outfit ideas are from Pinterest, where she also learned ways to layer her clothing. 

“I try to wear leggings and a long sleeve top under my hoodies and sweatpants if it’s a colder day,” Major said. 

For students who are looking for outfit ideas, Phillips suggests looking at current trends on social media. 

“Look at fashion trends that are currently in, but don’t be afraid to be yourself and add your own personality to it,” Phillips said. “I feel like fashion is unique and that’s what makes it special because everyone has their own style and can make it their own.”

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