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Photo via Multicultural Greek Council

Strolling into "Meet the Greeks" event

Seton Hall’s fraternities and sororities came together for the biannual ‘Meet the Greeks’ event to spotlight the variety of multicultural organizations on Sept. 25. 

The event, which is intended to further Greek unity and cultural awareness among the student body, was spearheaded by the Multicultural Greek Council and the National Pan-Hellenic Council.

Davion Delgado, a junior business administration major, is the president of Lambda Sigma Upsilon Fraternity Inc. He said he aspires to promote cultural diversity and build community among the minorities at Seton Hall.

“This would be my third Meet the Greeks here at Seton Hall, and honestly, this past one was the most populated I have ever seen here at Seton Hall, which I think is a very big step for all of us, including MGC and NPHC,” Delgado said. “Having that Greek unity is something I’ve always dreamed of seeing here.”

The event saw an “influx” of students affiliated with Greek life both within and outside of MGC, according to Delgado. 

“We wear different letters, but we all have similar values,” Delgado said. “We all stand in very similar positions to try and overcome the stigma that might be against us.”

He said it was an honor to speak and perform on behalf of his organization.

“Since I have a bit of trouble with public speaking, I was definitely nervous, but I think it was a very big moment for me and for everyone…being able to introduce my org to a lot of people who may not know who we are,” Delgado said.

Delgado added that the mission of LSU extends beyond that of a single event.

“LSU isn’t only here to be another Greek fraternity, but we’re here to make change,” Delgado said. “We’re here to signify where we come from, what we stand upon and what we really value within our everyday lives.”

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Photo via Multicultural Greek Council

Samantha Barrios, a senior social and behavioral sciences major, is the president of Chi Upsilon Sigma Sorority Inc. She said she originally joined the organization because it “felt right being there.”

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“A lot of our mission is definitely educating, elevating and empowering women,” Barrios said. “That’s something that we’re very focused on, especially minority women, so it was really good showing everyone on campus what we do and that we are here.”

Barrios said the event allowed students to recognize “who we are, what we stand for and what we do.”

“There are only so many of us on campus to get the word out,” Barrios said. “When we get the support and people come out to our events, they realize it’s such a good time. It’s fun for everyone.”

Barrios said her first Meet the Greeks event was held by Rutgers University. 

“I think we had a lot more Greeks supporting Greeks at ours,” Barrios said. “The energy was still overall the same with everyone having a good time and we’re just happy to be there.”

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Photo via National Pan-Hellenic Council

John Williams, a senior finance major, is the president of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc. He said Meet the Greeks presents an opportunity to witness “diversity and different perspectives.”

“My organization specifically is dedicated to education, scholarship, love for all mankind and protecting women,” Williams said. “While we are strolling and stepping, it contributes to our mission.”

Williams said Meet the Greeks offers organizations the “ability to communicate what we’re about and usher in some conversation and questions that we should be having in the community.” He added that this year’s event was a step up from the previous.

“The turnout, the energy, the preparation,” Williams said. “You could just tell that there was a different atmosphere.”

Williams said the event allowed him to connect with himself on a deeper level. 

“I enjoyed being put out of my comfort zone and being on the stage,” Williams said. “It’s a good feeling and it kind of gave me that adrenaline rush doing something I don’t do often.”

He said he is excited for the semester ahead despite the stress of his senior year.

“I’m very excited to see what I can do and what the NPHC and MGC can do together as a combined unit,” Williams said. “Our vision and our goals for the semester are really going to carry us through.”

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Photo via National Pan-Hellenic Council

Morgan Sumpter, a senior diplomacy and international relations major, is the president of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc. and the only member of her chapter. She said she appreciated the “sisterhood aspect” of the event.

“My organization was founded on the values of sisterhood, service, and scholarship, and it was nice being able to convey the sisterhood that is within my sorority by having other members outside of my chapter there to support me,” Sumpter said. “The other sororities and fraternities were very supportive, and it’s always great to just be around them and feel the overall comradery that all of the organizations have for each other.”

Sumpter said the outcome of the event was better than she anticipated.

“Last year my chapter did not participate in Meet the Greeks, so it was very interesting,” Sumpter said. “I kind of went in not knowing what to expect or how many people would show up, and there were a lot of people.”

Ivette Galloza, a senior criminal justice major, is the president of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority Inc. She said she was initially drawn to the organization because of the poise that the members embody.

“We are known as the finer women,” Galloza said. “The whole performance that we put together—it demonstrated that. If I’m going to be a part of something that’s bigger than myself, I definitely want to be part of something as great as my organization and just to be surrounded by like-minded and strong, hard-working women.”

She said she enjoyed being able to represent her organization through strolling, a style of dance intended to unite each organization.

“Each organization has a different routine that gets passed down from different chapters,” Galloza said. “We incorporate it into the dance, and it’s a nice way to represent our organizations.”

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