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Students reflect about spring break

Spring break, for many students, is a time to take a break from academic responsibilities and use the nine days to practice self-care and catch up on well-needed rest. 

Ethan Wan, a freshman finance major, said he went to Disney’s All-Star Movies Resort located in Lake Buena Vista, Florida with his roommate for a four-day trip. Wan said they remained on Disney’s property for the majority of their stay.

“It was really nice,” Wan said. “You had to pay for food but overall, the quality of the resort was pretty good.”

Daniel Stout, a freshman finance and sports management double major from Jacksonville, Florida, said he enjoyed spring break overall as there were “not any more people than normal” in his hometown, but he noticed more crowds in the airports specifically.

Increased foot traffic across Florida between the months of March and April recurs annually. According to the March 2022 Traffic Summary Report from the Orlando International Airport, nearly 2.1 million domestic passengers arrived at its airport throughout March. This marks an approximately 20.5% increase of travelers from February of the same year.

Usran Awa, a junior marketing major from Sarasota, Florida, said he was pleased to hang out with friends over break, but the influx of people ruined the time in his home-state.

“Sarasota is like the quiet area out of Tampa, so most people were just in their homes,” Awa said. “But I went up to Miami for the weekend and it was a disaster.”

Awa said he spent an hour and a half on Biscayne Boulevard after leaving the Miami Heat game on Mar. 10. Awa said there was a lot of traffic and parking prices were higher than usual, calling them “insane.” 

Lucas Cotronakis, a sophomore communication major and Florida native, said he was unable to go home during spring break because he had to work as a manager for the Seton Hall men’s basketball team. 

Cotronakis said staying on the fourth floor of Boland Hall was fine but wished there were more food options available over breaks.

“I’m fasting right now so the [Pirate’s Express] in the U-Center wasn’t available for me, it didn’t have any options that I could have,” Cotronakis said. “I would have to go into the village every day for food, so that was a little annoying, but other than that it was a good experience.”

Drew Starbuck, a senior diplomacy major, said he also stayed on campus and echoed the frustration over lack of on-campus meals.

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“I just had to manage my money well and take trips to the store to buy groceries,” Starbuck said. “Luckily, I have a fridge and microwave to make it easier, but I really couldn’t cook anything in my dorm.”

Starbuck, who is from Colby, Kansas, said he chose not to return to his hometown because his parents are teachers, and their spring breaks did not align with his own.

“I didn’t mind campus being quieter, but I definitely wish the café was open even for limited hours so I didn’t have to spend as much money,” Starbuck said. “Overall, it wasn’t too bad, just very inconvenient for all the students that stayed here.”

Farnsworth Hendrickson Jr., a visual and sound media major, said he took a four-day vacation to Las Vegas, and stayed at the Westgate Flamingo Bay Resort. He said the trip was a “great experience,” choosing to spend time with family.

“I got to spend more time with my little brother playing basketball at the courts,” Hendrickson Jr. said. “I went ziplining, and almost played poker, but I’m 20.”

Hendrickson Jr. said he also visited the SeaQuest aquarium inside the Boulevard Mall and tried the “Fishy Kisses” activity, a pedicure involving toothless fish that remove dead skin cells from a person’s feet. He said the appointment was more painful than peaceful.

“I am extremely ticklish on my feet,” Hendrickson Jr. said.

Maria Levandoski, a junior journalism major, said she spent 10 days in London as a part of Seton Hall’s “Theatre in London” study abroad course.

Levandoski said this was her first time traveling outside the country but her “expectations were blown so far out of the water.”

“London was the most beautiful city I’ve been to,” Levandoski said. “The architecture was one of my favorite parts.”

Levandoski said she really enjoyed the British Museum and would “go back in a heartbeat.”

Victoria Le Pera, a sophomore nursing major from Florham Park, New Jersey went home for spring break. 

“It felt good just to be home,” Le Pera said. “I hung out with my family a lot.”

Le Pera said she doesn't get to watch Netflix too often, but the break allowed her to catch up on the latest season of the show, “You.”

Jaelynn Robinson, a sophomore interprofessional health sciences major, said she was able to meet with her friends back home in Flemington, New Jersey.

Wanting to see family, Robinson said she also took a six-day trip to Alabama, visiting Montgomery and Wetumpka.

“The weather was so nice,” Robinson said. “I miss it being hot. I came back here and it was cold.”

Robinson said she is also a manager for the women’s basketball team and returned to campus for a few practices. She said talking with a close friend made things better while commuting to Seton Hall.

Students can also start to look forward to Easter Break from April 6 to April 10.

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