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Adelante holds open discussion about generational trauma

Adelante hosted a discussion panel about generational trauma, which was opened to all students on Feb. 9. 

Gabriella Pina, a senior biology major and president of Adelante, said she is proud of the members who joined the conversation. 

“The bravery it takes to even open up on the fact that our traumas exist is extraordinary and already a step in the right direction,” Pina said.

Sharing the importance of having these discussions, Pina said it is crucial to learn about the trauma that affects the immigrant community. 

“This discussion is extremely important to me and it means so much because of how prevalent generational traumas are in the Latinx community or any immigrant-based community,” Pina said. 

Emily Suero, a junior political science major and member of Adelante, said events like the panel bring up topics that need to be discussed more often. 

“Events like these are not only educational but a real topic that should be discussed among college students, especially those in the minority,” Suero said. 

Ariela Romero, a sophomore diplomacy and international relations major, said she shared her perspective as a member of the audience on how “profound generational trauma exists within individuals.”

“If we can’t identify or acknowledge the way generational trauma manifests in our everyday lives, we are unable to change and end these cycles,” Romero said. “It sounds simple, but it can be very difficult to identify and realize that certain behaviors are forms of trauma.” 

At the end of the presentation, Romero said being patient and accepting is a step in the right direction. 

“The truth is that the journey toward healing is full of ups and downs, and learning to be patient in the downs is just as important as celebrating our summit,” Romero said.

After the presentation, Pina said she learned that the generations before her are still dealing with their past. 

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“The most important thing I learned is that our parents who passed down these generational traumas are also still learning about their past, so it's important to have empathy in moments where we may build resentment towards them,” Pina said. “I also learned that there still need to be boundaries, and abuse shouldn't be excused.”

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