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5 study tips in preparation for final exams

As the semester comes to an end, finals are quickly approaching and students are buckling down for the inevitable stress that comes with it. 

To avoid cramming everything the night before, here are five study tips students are using in their preparations for final exams.

1.       Set the mood

Before beginning a task, consider what the setting is and if it is beneficial or harmful to getting work done.

Carlton Marseille, a junior marketing major, said he believes setting the mood is the first thing a student should do before “tackling daunting study sessions.”

“If you don’t like where you’re doing something, how can you expect to get a lot done,” Marseille said. “Being comfortable is key to being able to get a lot done.”

Marseille said he prefers to study in his dorm where he can have privacy and play music out loud.

“Lo-fi music is one of my favorite things to study to,” Marseille said. 

2.       Take your time

Lawrence DeCastro, a sophomore marketing major, said his best studying tip is to “take it one step at a time.”

“Getting overwhelmed happens so easily when it comes to the end of the semester,” DeCastro said. “Having a plan so you can give yourself enough time in between the things you need to do is really important to me.”

3.       Further investigate topics

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Kobby Amo-Nyarko Jr., a sophomore IT major, said that all students should take advantage of their professors’ office hours or extra educational sessions they offer.

“I’m the kind of student that takes fast notes, so when I go back and study sometimes, my notes don’t make sense to me anymore,” Amo-Nyarko said. “Going to review sessions always clarifies my questions.”

Students can also reach out to their professors for assistance. 

“Rewrite your notes, look at all your review sheets, and figure out specific questions you have,” Amo-Nyarko said.

4.       Tomato Timer

Tomato Timer, also known as the Pomodoro technique, is a studying style when individuals break up their studying into increments of 25 minutes, taking 5 minute breaks in between. After four rounds of studying, a longer break of 10 to 15 minutes is taken.

Paris Miller, a junior psychology major, said that the Tomato Timer technique has saved her from long study sessions.

“Studying this way has benefited me tremendously when it comes to needing to memorize and learn topics quickly and effectively,” Miller said.

5.       Decompress

With the intensity of exam season and studying, students can forget to take care of themselves.

Marco Diavolo, a sophomore computer science major, said he uses the gym as an outlet to escape the stressful environment of exams.

“The gym is a great place to forget about what I have going on in my classes,” he said. “The best advice I can give is to make sure you are still doing things that bring you joy at times where things seem so dismal.” 

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