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When in need of self-care many students opt to engage in a spa day. (Photo via Pixabay)

5 ways students can take their mind off schoolwork

With midterm exams upon us, and finals fast approaching, students shared their favorite ways to destress and practice self-care.

1. Pick up a new hobby

Taylor Russell, a senior psychology major, said she practices self-care by embracing her hobbies.

“Burnout isn’t pleasant,” Russell said. “When you hit it, it’s not something you can ignore. If you pick up any hobby that expresses your emotions, that’s going to calm you down so much.”

Russell said that, for her, dance is the thing that helps her relax the most.

“With dancing, I feel like it really lets out a tenseness in my body and my mind, mainly my mind,” Russell said. “It’s finally a moment where I can take a breath and be like, ‘Okay, this is something I want to do, and this is the way to express my feelings.’”

Russell added that while it is important to have fun, students should be careful not to apply themselves to anything that will over-exert their abilities.

“It’s just a way to get rid of all that underlying stress, any negative emotions you have, and be real with yourself for a minute,” Russell said. 

2. Eat, sleep, and relax

Meghan O’Brien, a sophomore creative writing and political science double major, said that sometimes the “best thing a person can do for themselves is take the time to recharge.”

O’Brien said that she listens to music to relax and has separate playlists for when she wants to focus on schoolwork or take a moment for herself.

“Lately, I’ve really been into The Neighbourhood, but then, if I want to relax, I have this piano playlist I go to,” O’Brien said. 

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3. Connect with friends

Natalie Tran, a sophomore computer science major, said that for her, self-care involves enjoying her friends’ company in a relaxing environment.

“When you surround yourself with good company, you’re negating the stress from midterms with the positive energy you’re receiving from your friends,” Tran said. 

Tran added that being around friends reminds her that while school is a priority, not every aspect of her life needs to be about education. 

“Today, my friends and I had a laidback hangout in the living room where we talked and had bubble tea, and it really got my mind off stress from school,” Tran said. 

4. Get active

From throwing a ball on the Green to joining a sports team, there are different ways to stay physically active on campus.

Armen Shamim, a sophomore elementary education and special education double major, said that when he needs a break from school, he engages in sports. 

“I’ve always loved to play sports, especially soccer, so it’s just fun to get out there and be with friends and do something that I love,” Shamim said. 

Students can also get active by going to the Athletics Center to play basketball, volleyball, or utilize the fitness center.

5. Have a spa day

Jayde Dieu, a sophomore English and political science double major, said that she often likes to give herself a spa day when in need of self care.

“Spa days are great because it forces you to block out time for yourself,” Dieu said. “It’s nice to have a designated time when midterms are not your focus.”

Dieu said that her spa days are composed of facials, massages and good music. 

“When you look good, you feel good,” Dieu said. “You’re only as good as how you treat yourself.”

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