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Upperclassmen reflect on silly things they did as freshmen

As the fall semester draws closer, a new set of students are set to arrive at Seton Hall. Many upperclassmen reflected on some mistakes they made their freshman year and shared insight on how to navigate life as a freshman. 

Noah Turner, a junior finance major, shared a couple of mistakes he made. He said he used a blue tray in the cafeteria, which he said he will “never do again.” Another silly thing he said he did was throwing away his Dunkin’ receipt before they called his number. Turner said it didn’t take long for him to realize his mistake as he cluelessly waited for his drink without knowing which number was his. 

Some students said they wished they had better work habits during their freshmen year. (File photo)

Christopher Aube, a senior interactive multimedia major, said he has horror stories about his work ethic from freshman year. Aube said his main problem as a freshman was procrastinating his final papers, which resulted in frequent late-night Dunkin’ runs to help him pull all-nighters. Consequently, he said that one thing he would have done differently is practice better work habits and ask for help when he needed it.

From freshman to senior year, some students, like Aube, go through their own personal transformations, and many have said they find that this helps break them out of their shell. Aube said during his freshman year, he was “shy, nervous and not sure where to go or what to do.” As an upperclassman, he said he now has a greater self-confidence level and enjoys meeting new people.

Aubrey Casterline, a senior creative writing and philosophy major, said she has changed since her freshman year as she now asks more questions and is willing to admit that she does not know everything.

Both Turner and Aube said they advise incoming freshmen to get involved in any way they can.  

“My philosophy has been that you are only here for four years, and it’s insanely expensive to be here, so get as much out of it as you can,” Turner said. “If I could change anything, it would be to spend less time watching Netflix by myself and more time with my friends.” 

Turner added that freshmen should put themselves in unfamiliar situations as it enables them to “grow as an individual and see the world from different perspectives.”

Aube said he also encourages students to visit South Orange Village and New York City, which is a 40-minute train ride away. 

Casterline said she agrees with Turner and Aube’s sentiments that students should get out of their dorm rooms and take advantage of the campus and its surrounding areas. 

“You should leave campus to go out to dinner at least once every two weeks,” Casterline said.  “Go check out downtown; it’s beautiful and there are lots of fun shops.” 

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Casterline also noted the importance of growth and advised students to simply be themselves. She said students should not focus on being the best because there is no need to be better than everyone else.

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