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Two months. All online. Here’s how to keep the grind from stopping

As Seton Hall has suspended all in-person classes for the rest of the semester, students are adjusting to doing their course work and virtually attending classes online. 

Motivation might be hard to find without the obligation to attend in-person classes. Seton Hall students weighed in on how they are staying motivated without in-person classes. 

Julia Lomonte, a freshman creative writing major, talked about how an important part of staying motivated at home is keeping away from distractions by creating a designated workspace. She discussed the importance of giving herself breaks from studying and work. 

“One main way that I stay motivated is trying to set up a space in my house that is dedicated only to schoolwork,” Lomonte said. “I cleared out a desk that I have in my basement and that is going to be my workspace for the next month. I also try to give myself breaks to do things that I like to do such as make tea, watch YouTube and go for walks outside.” 

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The suspension of online courses falls around midterm season, affecting many students. Some students had their midterms before spring break. However, some classes did not and some had to make adjustments for their exams.

Shanice Bedford, a freshman biomedical engineering major, said her midterm exams had to be adjusted due to the in-person class suspension. She said this adjustment has brought many difficulties and hopes that professors and faculty will continue to be accommodating to all students. 

“As a first-year student, transitioning to online courses mid-second semester has been difficult,” Bedford said. “There seems to be a bit of a learning curve with professors and students adjusting. In switching to online courses, I hope that professors are able to maintain the same level of accessibility and guidance throughout the remainder of the semester.” 

Some professors are giving pre-recorded lectures. Staying motivated and resisting the temptation to zone out or browse social media can be hard for students. Melanie Liriano, a freshman speech pathology major, provided a few ways she is staying motivated with online lectures. 

Liriano also emphasized the importance of finding a spot in her home just for schoolwork. She is trying to make a schedule for herself and taking up new hobbies to stay motivated. 

“I plan to set aside an area dedicated to schoolwork,” Liriano said. “I’m also trying to structure my day so that I can maintain a set schedule. I’ve also been taking up a new hobby which will hopefully keep me motivated.”

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