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There’s no need to be overly productive during a global pandemic

Hey, Pirates. I hope you’re holding up as best as can be expected during this unprecedented time.

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Last week’s Voice addressed our seniors. The Setonian wanted to remind you that it’s alright to be sad. Missing out on major life events like graduating college on time is heartbreaking, and we wanted to make sure SHU seniors knew that. 

This week, we want to talk to anybody who is reading our paper right now. 

Since all this mess with coronavirus has begun, there’s been an odd recurring sentiment on social media: take this time of social distancing and isolation as an opportunity to finish that project you’ve been putting off, or to pick up and develop a new hobby or start a side business. 

These are all lovely sentiments, and I’m sure those writing them have good intentions, but they place unnecessary pressure on those that are grieving.

For many of us, coronavirus ushered in a series of cancellations and postponements of major life events. For others, they lost their job and are scrambling to support themselves and their families. We’re not worried about finishing that book, or starting that Etsy shop or learning a new workout routine. We’re grieving and just barely holding on. Some of us are struggling to figure out how to pay our bills through all this.

It’s a very nice idea in theory to try and tell people this is a time to be as productive as possible, but The Setonian is here to tell you it’s okay if you’re just trying to get through each day right now. It’s okay to not be a superhero.

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