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Oh, ‘eye’ see you: tips for choosing best eyewear

Accessories are essential elements many people use to add flair to their outfits and sense of style. Whether students wear glasses for prescription or personality, many are looking for glasses that match their aesthetic style. 

Here are five tips shared by Seton Hall students for choosing the best eyewear:

Find Frames That Fit Your Face

Nicole Spohn, a sophomore elementary education major, said that you should always think of the shape of your face when you are looking to buy glasses.  “You should always find a timeless shape that frames your face well and stick with that every time you get a new pair,” she said. 

Spohn said that you don’t need to get the same pair, but sticking with similar shapes and styles makes the decision process much easier.

When Spohn picks out a pair of glasses, she usually looks for inspiration from other people’s style choices. She will experiment with different frames, although they might not shape her face at first, until she finds the right pair.

Play with Different Styles of Eyewear

“When I buy glasses, I focus on the style because I don’t need them for my vision,” Taylor Newkirk, a senior psychology major, said. 

During the summer, Newkirk tends to buy more shades. During the colder seasons, she gets more glasses with clear lenses. “My favorite glasses are oversized clear lenses with unique frames and I normally go for vintage looking frames,” she said. 

“I like wider, square frames with a clear or opaque color,” Kimani Key, a senior marketing major, said. When going to shop for eyewear, Key believes that you should already have an idea about the style that you want, but you should be honest about the way that they fit your face. 

She mostly looks for color and style when she is trying to purchase a pair of glasses. “I like unconventional styles and colors instead of your typical frames,” Key said.

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Choose the Right Place to Buy Them 

Jessica Roman, a senior biology major, said when she buys glasses, she tends to buy them based upon style. But she said she always keeps in mind the price, as she tends to stay away from expensive pairs of eyewear.

“I would suggest looking for the style you like at different places because you can always find a cheaper pair somewhere else,” Roman said. “I usually buy them at Target because that’s where I can find them the cheapest.”

She said that her favorite website to use to buy a pair of glasses is because most of the glasses are $5 while still being stylish. She also likes to occasionally buy them from a beauty supply store. 

“When buying glasses, I think people who wear them for style should focus on the price,” Newkirk said. “Most glasses we see on expensive sites can be found for way cheaper elsewhere and people cannot tell that they aren't name brand from a distance.” 

Take Care of Your Eyewear

Erica Wiley, a junior physics major, said like many other students, style and affordability are important to her when she is looking for glasses. Her favorite styles are big, round frames like browline and cat-eye glasses. Wiley, who wears prescription glasses, emphasized that the source you buy the glasses from should be reliable. 

“Make sure you’re getting them from a reliable source, so if anything happens to them, they can be fixed or replaced without much hassle,” Wiley said. She usually buys her eyewear from the LensCrafters website because of their selection of glasses or Firmoo because they have stylish eyewear at an affordable price. 

Find Outside Inspiration

“I have found inspiration from vintage styles and aesthetics when it comes to eyewear,” Spohn said. She said she tends to gravitate towards vintage style frames, like wayfarers and big circular frames, because it reflects her style. Spohn’s style is influenced by ‘70s bohemian aesthetics, she said, and her choice in eyewear also reflects that. 

Spohn said, “I also really like the circular spectacle frames that were made popular because of Harry Potter. I envy people who can pull them off because they are so cute even though they look awful on me.” 

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