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Sweet Valentine’s gift ideas for your loved ones

Now that it is February, the added stress of having less than two weeks to find the perfect Valentine’s Day gift is affecting people everywhere.

In elementary school, Valentine’s Day was a day where students were given the opportunity to hand out cards and candy to friends and classmates; each person received a Valentine from each person in return. Parents often gave their children cards and candy to express their love and make sure they feel the Valentine’s Day fun at home.

As people grow up, Valentine’s Day becomes a much more significant and stressful day. Some feel obligated to purchase the perfect gift for each of their loved ones to express how important they are to the giver.

Buying gifts for loved ones can be tricky, but it is a lot simpler than it may seem. Many people may keep it safe by buying their loved one’s cliché but classic gifts like chocolates, roses or jewelry, but it may not necessarily be the best decision to do so depending on the person.

“When buying your female loved one’s gifts, you shouldn’t overthink it,” Emma Boeninghaus, a freshman business major, said. “I believe that people should stop buying materialistic things this Valentine’s Day and stick to something more meaningful.”

Photo via pixabay
Getting presents for loved ones for Valentine’s Day can be tricky.

Hailee Joseph, a freshman biology major, said if people are at a loss for what to buy their loved ones, gifts that are original and inexpensive are a good way to go.
“Handmade gifts are nice,” Joseph said. “I think they are more thoughtful because I feel that it shows that you really know the person.”

Some might be impressed by receiving a gift that is personalized to their own taste and interests rather than something cliché or expensive. To go the extra mile, someone can create it themselves to tug at the person’s heartstrings even more.

Men can be a bit difficult to shop for at times. Some cliché Valentine’s Day gifts for men include candy, cologne and watches. Zachary Morgan, a freshman business major, said some may feel that buying gifts for male loved ones may get a bit pricey, but expensive gifts are not necessarily what men are expecting to receive from their loved ones.

Morgan said that some men would rather have a more personal present than an expensive gift. Instead of buying cologne or a watch for a male loved one, one can give them something more tailored to their interests that they will get good use out of or appreciate.

“A perfect gift for a guy would be something meaningful and specific to him or the couple,” Morgan said. “I think it is better if the gift is cheap.”

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