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Meet the Operations Student Workers

They’re seen at the front desks of the University Center and Bethany Hall and they’re asked a bunch of questions, but many students don’t know who they are and what they do.

Samuel Affonso, a junior biochemistry major, is one of these many students who work for the University Center and Bethany Hall. Affonso works as an Operations Student Worker. He oversees events that take place in areas of the University Center and Bethany Hall, including the Main Lounge, Faculty Lounge, Chancellor’s Suite and Bethany Hall.

Affonso described the other responsibilities that student workers have. He said they include distributing sound and media equipment and keeping the buildings clean.

Kendra Campbell, a senior sociology major, has worked in both buildings for three years and has been a manager for two years. Campbell said some of her responsibilities as a manager are “emailing event hosts and gathering their set up information so that we set up the room how they want it.”

She said her boss at the time, Marc Gordon, encouraged her to apply because she was an active member of the Student Activities Board and was already familiar with most of the buildings and storage facilities.

Campbell added that she performs regular building rounds to make sure there are no lights out and no furniture out of place and reporting any damages she sees.

“The job also entails customer service as we direct many people around campus and greet anyone who enters the building,” Campbell said. “I also take phone calls and messages.”

Wilnir Louis, a junior sports management major and sports media minor, said his favorite part of this job is all the people he sees during a shift.

“You never know what event you might have to assist or what people might walk through the door, and the uncertainty of what might happen during a shift is fun,” Louis said.

Louis explained the benefits of working on campus.

“The great thing about working at the University Center is the flexible scheduling,” he said. “I am involved in WSOU, Black Men of Standard, PTV, PSN, amongst other clubs, so there will be times were responsibilities overlap, but my current bosses Ghana Hylton and Victor Gomez are very understanding in my responsibilities and do a great job in working with me and my forever changing schedule.”

Student workers are often tasked with helping students and answering their questions about campus events and campus life.

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Kiera Alexander/Photography Editor
Kendra Campell, one of the student managers, said working in operations is an easy job, has many perks and allows students to increase their sense of community on campus.

“The most common questions typically tend to be from visiting families, who ask where certain buildings on campus are,” Affonso said. “They often ask about our own lives and how we like being at Seton Hall. They also often ask about housing on and off-campus, but the most common questions being the locations of buildings.”

When Affonso is not setting up events, he said that there is not much to do.

“During those times, students and staff use the time to complete homework or work on class assignments and projects,” Affonso said. “Using the time to do these things is also encouraged by the managers and directors. However, we are free to do as we please, i.e. homework, watch Netflix, talk, etc., so long as we remain seated at the desk and continue to facilitate everyone by being welcoming and opening.”

Campbell said that there are challenges that come with the job, especially when working with groups that are not affiliated with the university.

“They have to speak directly with my boss so that can be frustrating for them and I just wish I was able to help them more,” Campbell said. “Other daily issues range from technical difficulties like sound and media presentation to broken tables and chairs.

Despite these challenges, Campbell also described what she loves about her job.

“I enjoy working with a large staff and getting to work pretty closely with the Department of Student Life,” Campbell said. “It has helped me form connections and positive relationships that have affected my college career greatly. I also like getting to direct people around campus, especially for prospective students and families because I want them to really enjoy their time here.”

Louis said he has learned to always be patient and be ready for any shift or any other changes. He said, “This job just helped me to take things one step at a time and to always be on my toes.”

Campbell said he encourages students to apply for this job. “The job is easy, has many perks, like free food after events, and allows you to increase your sense of community on campus,” she said. “We are always looking for hard workers who like to meet and help new people.”

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