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Letter to the editor: In response to “SHU should think twice about ditching laptop program”

Last week, The Setonian’s Editorial Board wrote a piece titled “SHU should think twice about ditching the laptop program.” This piece expressed a concern with the dismantling of the mobile computing program, and outlined a need for more data regarding this decision.

Photo via Adrian Chavez

I’m writing this piece to help provide a different point of view that reflects the need to move forward and phase the Mobile Computing Program out.

I agree with the notion that having a computer is necessary for the college student in this day and age. However, I disagree with the idea that we need Seton Hall to provide a laptop costing each student $2,200 over eight semesters for the physical laptop and warranty.

The plethora of software required with the laptop program is included in the $3,200 students pay in technology fees during their time here.

These fees are on top of the rate we currently pay for tuition.

Only .06% of all institutions in the United States have a one-to-one computing program. Many, if not most of our “peer” or comparison schools have dismantled or abolished their programs throughout the last few years to provide more choice to their students and recognize that in this time of advancing technology, there is no need for institutions to provide students with another device to enhance their academic programs.

When I first became vocal about phasing out the laptop program, it was primarily as a cost saving measure. Students should not be paying into a fee, separate from tuition, to support a program that provides little choice to the student. Surveys from TLTC have shown that many students are dissatisfied with their current choice of device and that many students also came into college with their own device.

This program was created over two decades ago to make Seton Hall a competitive option with a technological edge. Today, in 2020, we no longer need this institution to provide us with a mandated device, we instead need options. We need to create an atmosphere where we have a choice, a choice about how much money we want to spend on a device that more closely fits our needs as an individual,va professional and a student.

To me, as a student and as President of the SGA, I believe that it is time to move on from the Mobile Computing Program and bring Seton Hall into 2020.

Rishi Shah, Student Government Association President

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