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Can we stop with all these Democratic debates?

On Tuesday, seven qualifying Democratic candidates took the stage for a debate in Charleston, South Carolina – Senator Elizabeth Warren, Vice President Joe Biden, Senator Bernie Sanders, Senator Amy Klobuchar, Mayor Michael Bloomberg, Tom Steyer and Mayor Pete Buttigieg.

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This is the third Democratic debate this month. There was a debate on Feb. 7 in Manchester, New Hampshire then one just last week on Feb. 19 in Paradise, Nevada. In total, there have been 11 Democratic debates this election period so far, with another scheduled for March 15 in Phoenix, Arizona.

Tuesday night’s debate was more of a hours-long argument between seven adults than a true balanced debate. The CBS moderators struggled to gain control of the conversation at all. All of the candidates attacked newly dubbed frontrunner Sanders. Warren presented herself as a safer choice for Sanders supporters. Bloomberg embarrassed himself again. Buttigieg continued with his amusing facial expressions. To make matters worse, not one question was asked about climate change.

I for one, am tired of these debates. There’s just been far too many, and if Tuesday night’s debate proved anything, it’s that they are not productive anymore. Talk of political and policy issues have fizzled into ad-hominem attacks. The same questions are being asked, and the same one’s aren’t. Maybe it’s just me, but I’m not getting anything from these debates anymore, and all they’re really doing is making me tired of all the candidates.

The next debate should be the last for a while. It should be the last until the Democratic field is narrowed down to the people who actually have a shot of being president. If things keep carrying on like this, even less people will take the time to vote than usual. America is getting fed up.

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