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Students share SHUper weird stories of campus

Correction: This piece has been edited to remove a reporting error.

College life is a mixed bag, full of diverse students, fun memories, new friends and, of course, wacky stories. Some students shared the craziest things they have seen on campus, including but not limited to the Green, the classroom and the cafeteria.

Isabella Somera, a junior biochemistry major, has found that the most out of ordinary sighting she’s found at Seton Hall is a tightrope-walking student.

“Every semester that I’ve been here and I’ve been here for three years, there’s this guy who tightropes right in front of Campus Ministry and right next to the caf,” she said. “I’ve seen Brother John do it before on the SHU memes page and that was pretty wild.”

The identity of this student is unknown to Somera. What made this sighting so crazy to her is that she didn’t think anyone but circus performers tight roped as a casual activity.

“I didn’t think it’d be so close to me,” she said.

Somera said the student usually makes appearances on the Green every spring and the beginning of fall.

Despite having a shorter time at the University, Joseph Kajon, a freshman mathematics major, has found strange sightings right outside his door.

“I was walking out of Aquinas and I looked to my left and I saw two people battling with lightsabers,” Kajon said. “I know I saw them on Seton Hall memes and stuff like that but never in person. We didn’t want to get too close just in case they were sketchy, but we watched from afar until it got too cold.”


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One student said she once had a professor show her class videos of him “Vogue-ing.” Another said she witnessed a student make a smoothie in the library during finals week.

Crazy sightings also extend to class time, as shared by Jody-Ann Robinson, a junior elementary education major. “One of my professors showed us a video of him Vogue-ing and he really killed that,” she said.

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Not even finals week is off-limits to the questionable actions of students on campus.

“It was during finals week last year, my freshman year, and this kid brought a blender to the library when it was 24 hours,” Isabelle Valdez, a sophomore graphic design major, said. “It was on the louder floor which was fine, but he had a whole blender and a bag full of fruits,” Valdez added.

The student plugged his blender in, but like many other students at the time, he returned to his work. “When I saw him trying to take a break, I could see him contemplating, ‘Do I make my smoothie now,” Valdez said.

In the end, Valdez is unsure if he ever proceeded to use the blender. “I saw him and was like, ‘I’m gonna go before this is a disaster,’” she said.

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