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I can’t believe we’re still talking about this

Welcome back, Pirates! Hope you all had both a restful and exciting winter break.

The editors at The Setonian sure did, until the last week, when an article had to be written about a student posting a video to her personal Instagram account that ended with the use of a racial slur against Asian people. If you thought we were leaving racism in 2019 folks, looks like we aren’t.

Photo via Wikimedia Commons

We’re not complaining about having to write the piece; we’re journalists. We’re complaining about the nature of the piece. It’s not pleasant when the first article that had to be written for the spring semester had to do with a student allegedly using a racist word. Plus, it happened on Jan. 7 no less. We had about a week of a quiet new year before the racism hit.

It’s 2020, Pirates. The editors of your student newspaper should not have to write about how a peer of theirs is being accused of being a racist. We shouldn’t have to reach out to national organizations, PR departments and student government officers for comment about such a thing. We shouldn’t be writing about this at all anymore, period.

We at The Setonian are fully aware that young people make mistakes. But racism does not fall into that camp. We all have access to the world’s knowledge at our fingertips now. The internet and social media have made is ridiculously easy to, quite frankly, check yourself. There’s really no excuse for bigotry anymore; you’re just being lazy. Talk to those around you, read articles on subjects you’re not educated about, ask questions and simply try to be better.

So, let’s leave these kinds of stories in 2019, shall we Pirates? In 2020, let’s aim to not be racist. It’s not a good look.

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