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Students share beard care tips for No Shave November

At the beginning of November, one may notice many clean-shaven faces gracing SHU’s campus. Notably, at the end of this month, one may also notice many cavemen walking the Green.

This phenomenon of people growing out their beards in November is due to “No Shave November.” During the month, people with beards will forgo all grooming of their facial hair to raise awareness for cancer, and any money traditionally used for grooming would be donated, according to the No Shave November Organization.

However, while this monthlong transformation may seem like a simple endeavor, it often poses many problems to those who undertake the challenge. Itching, scratching and cleanliness are amongst some of the problems participants can face.

The overall maintenance of shaping and styling the beard is another problem.

Jillian Cancela/Asst. Photography Editor
Itching, scratching and cleanliness are some problems that No Shave November participants face.

Jonathan Pinnock, a junior chemistry major, plans to partake in No Shave November and hopes to further grow his facial hair. His maintenance throughout the month involves brushing, combing, washing and doing “everything as orderly as possible to not look like a caveman.” Pinnock also recommended Eco Styler Gel to help maintain a beard.

Roshawn Williams, a junior political science major, also recommended the Cantu Shea Butter Beard Oil with Caffeine to help fill in a beard during No Shave November.

While No Shave November prohibits shaving throughout the month, the organization does say if there is a strict dress code at work or a job interview, grooming and trimming are “perfectly acceptable.”

Another participant, Axel Esquivel, a senior diplomacy and international relations major, said in the event of a formal occasion or job interview, that he’ll “look good and scruffy.”

“That makes me a memorable, handsome candidate,” Esquivel said.

Esquivel’s beard care regime typically consists of biotin vitamins, a drop of beard oil a day, pomade and mustache wax. He usually uses scissors to trim his mustache and clippers for his beard, but said those will be foregone for this month.

Another problem for No Shave November participants is itching. Vikram Khosla, a freshman business major and a local barber, said a beard will itch if you are not used to having one; but if a person starts with a beard, then it will not itch.

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“You have to at least shampoo and condition your beard,” Khosla said.

He added that this should be done every other day to avoid stripping the hair of its natural oils.

Another challenge arises with food. With Thanksgiving coming up at the end of the month, it may pose a challenge for those who celebrate the holiday.

“It’s one of those things where you just hope for the best,” Esquivel said. “I end up wiping my mustache down whether or not I ate something messy because it is like a magnet.”

While many participants may ultimately look like cavemen, they would rather look overgrown than like a quitter. Pinnock says he knows it is time to quit when November is over.

Esquivel said, “Brushing my beard and keeping hydrated will keep me safe. It may look wacky, but I’ll trim it into shape when November ends. My mom didn’t raise a quitter.”

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