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College is what you make of it, and that includes SHU

“Oh my god! Seton Hall is third in unhappiness for colleges? I knew I hated this school. Why did I ever decide to go here? This school makes me so sad.”

As a student at Seton Hall, you are lying if you have not heard at least 20 different people say something along these lines. People love to complain, and because the Princeton Review dubbed the Hall as the third unhappiest school in America, all the students in South Orange feel this justifies their woes, allowing them to be okay with bashing their school.

Well, I hate to break it to those students, but there are two options instead of complaining: Leave, or, make something of your college experience.

Being a career complainer is not a job to seek while in college. No one feels bad that you are on your way to a degree. No one feels bad you get to be a part of an experience that a lot of America wishes they could have. And no one feels bad that you can party whenever you want while at school.

It is simple: stop making excuses and actually do something.

Join a club. Join a fraternity or sorority. Utilize resources given to you by the school. Just. Do. Something. You will not be unhappy when you are involved.

Being involved helps you make new friends. If you immerse yourself with a new group of people, you will interact with them and hopefully become closer and realize that maybe you are not unhappy. Not to mention, involving yourself with a community you are passionate about will only enhance your enjoyment of the school. Whatever that activity may be, if you spend time doing an activity you love you will only get joy out of it.

In my freshman year, I did not have much fun at Seton Hall. All my friends were in fraternities and sororities and were also involved in other activities. This made me unhappy because I had nothing to do while they were enjoying themselves. But what made me change my ways and get involved was when I realized I was comfortable with being unhappy. When you are comfortable being unhappy, you will never want to progress in life.

Once I became more involved socially and academically, I began loving Seton Hall. And why was that? I just had to get involved. I learned that college, no matter what school you go to, is what you make of it.

Do not waste this time of your life complaining, spend it on learning about yourself and your interests, trying new things and meeting as many people as possible.

Robert Fallo is a junior marketing and public relations major from Scotch Plains, New Jersey. He can be reached at

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