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It’s important to indulge your parents if you can

This week’s Voice is for you, seniors. We’re over halfway through the first half of our senior year. For some of you, graduation may only be a short seven weeks away.

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This whole week, Seton Hall is hosting photographers on campus to take our senior portraits, if we so choose. To sit for the photos is free, and they’re even being taken in what was many of our freshman dorm – Boland Hall.

I myself didn’t really care one way or another about taking a photo; I was mildly indifferent about the whole thing. My dad called me though and said it would mean a lot to him if I’d go and take them. “Indulge me,” he said. At first, I sighed. But after thinking it over, I realized it was the right thing to do.

My parents have been nothing but supportive my entire life. They’re flawed people, just like everyone else, but as parents, I genuinely have no complaints. This is why I felt it was necessary to “indulge” my dad and just suck it up and take them. They’ve done so much for me, taking a dozen photos is the least I can do.

Now, I fully acknowledge that not everyone has parents that are like mine. Some people have a strained relationship with theirs or have incredibly valid reasons to not have them in their lives. That’s absolutely their choice.

But here’s what I have to say to those seniors: take the photos. Take them for the people in your life that have been there. Take them for the friend that has always been there for you. Take them for that one teacher you had in high school who never gave up on you. Take them for the people who have pushed you. Take them for you.

It seems like a small thing, but I think in the long run, you’ll want those photos, even if it’s just something you keep for yourself in your wallet to look at occasionally one day. Doing little things like that for yourself, or for your parents or for whoever, ultimately mean a lot more than they seem to on the surface.

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