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TurboVote continues to partner with the University

Through a partnership with TurboVote, Seton Hall University will continue its effort to encourage students to get out and vote. TurboVote, a non-partisan organization that helps students sign up to vote is meant to push students to be more politically engaged and participate in the upcoming election season. This service is especially targeted at out-of-state students, with its focus on absentee ballots.

Karen Van Vorman Associate Vice President and Dean of Students sent out an email that stressed the importance of informed and off-year voting. Her email encouraged everyone to vote despite it being a year without a presidential election.

Van Norman emphasized that this upcoming year was a time to vote for, “important elections and ballot initiatives in many states.” Although this is not the year for a presidential election, as Van Norman stated, New Jersey still has an upcoming General Assembly election on Nov. 5.

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Van Norman concluded her email with a warning against biased media, as it cautioned voters to, “be aware that any website you visit may have an agenda or bias.”

When asked about the University’s partnership with TurboVote and its purpose, Van Norman said that, “The Department of Student Life is committed to helping students grow in civic engagement and assisting them in voting in elections is one way to do that. Voting is the way we make our voice[s] heard on the issues and leaders for our communities and our country.”

As voting’s importance to students, Dean Van Norman said, “I know students care about the environment, about funding for education, about equality in the workplace, and so much more.’’

Based off student usage from the previous year, TurboVote seems to have mass on campus appeal. Van Norman stated that, “last year we registered 756 students through TurboVote.”

According to Joshua Burlac, a senior history major and Emma Murphy, a senior double majoring in education and history, TurboVote continues to appeal to Seton Hall students.

“I haven’t honestly thought that far ahead but most likely just because I’m too lazy to drive home,” Burlac said.

Emma Murphy expressed her enthusiasm for the program on campus, saying that, “TurboVote is an interesting platform because you can do it all from your computer, and you don’t have to worry about losing paperwork or the cost of postage.”

Murphy continued by stating, “I know most of my friends tend to vote on campus, which has proven to be really important in the last couple of election cycles.”

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TurboVote’s effectiveness with college students is further encouraging the recent push for students’ political engagement.

Van Norman reiterated Seton Hall’s reason for partnering with TurboVote stating, “they make it easy for everyone to register to vote in any state, and they send reminders before elections so that we don’t forget to turn out and vote for each election.”

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