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To the Seton Hall community: Welcome Back!

Welcome back Seton Hall University! Hopefully you all had a restful yet productive summer vacation, and you’re all looking forward to starting your respective school years.


The Setonian would like to take this week’s Voice to offer some advice not only to freshmen but also to seniors and everyone in between.

For freshmen, get involved, make every friend you can and don’t be afraid to try new things. You’re young, just go for it, whatever it is.

For everyone else, it’s never too late to explore subjects and topics you haven’t before. Obviously, complete all your class requirments, but don’t be afraid to sign up for a class you’ve always wanted to (especially if you’re looking to fufill that 15-credit scholarship minimum). Whether it’s graphic design or astronomy, if there’s something you’ve been meaning to study or look into, try it out, you have nothing to lose. Knowing a little bit about as much as you can will give you a little edge in the hiring process post-college, and you never know what interviewer might be interested in that niche class you took once in college.

If you can manage it, create a schedule around when you are the most productive. Everyone has a time of day where they are most able to finish everything you need to. For some people, it’s the afternoon, so perhaps a morning class schedule will work the best for you. For others, they like their sleep and want to get up in the afternoon, so a night class schedule works better.

Go to your Career Center advisors. Seton Hall has a top-notch Career Center that helps place hundreds of SHU students each year at not only their dream internships, but their dream post-grad jobs. These advisors are sometimes brushed off and students think they aren’t helpful, but even having a second set of eyes looking at your resume can make the difference in the hiring process.

Don’t compare yourself to others. It’s really hard in a social media world to ignore LinkedIn posts from your peers announcing their internships and job offers, but remember that everyone is on different path. Things happen at different points in everyone’s lives, and as long as you are focusing on your studies and doing the absolute best you can, you will be fine.

College is about being young, making mistakes and learning from them. Make the most of it.

The Voice is intended to best represent the collective opinion of The Editorial Board. It is written by The Setonian’s Editor-in-Chief.

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