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As you enter college, remember to treat yourself well

Finding yourself in college involves a lot more than just trying any and everything.

Finding yourself is about struggling, and failing and moving forward despite it all. The Voice claims that there is a way “to be both enthusiastic and wary at the same time.” That fine line between those two types of self is called self-care. No, this doesn’t mean face masks and meditation; this means self-care in an emotional sense. This means listening to yourself before listening to anyone else.

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I’ve always been a strong advocate for trying new things. Often, the things that scare us most are the things that end up being the most worthwhile. The problem, however, is that there are two kinds of scared. There is the scared that gets our blood pumping and our hearts racing and we like despite it making us uneasy. Then there is the scared which pops up whenever we don’t listen to our guts. In college, these two emotions surface fairly regularly, especially early on.

The Voice recommends above that instead of throwing yourself into everything and everybody, that you take some time to listen to yourself and what you’re interested in – whether that be hobbies, clubs, classes or people. It’s easy to lose yourself in college, but one way not to do that is to take a step back and evaluate how you’re feeling every once in a while. Don’t be afraid to question yourself. Ask yourself if you’ve chosen the right major, ask yourself if you really want to go on a second date with that guy who made you uncomfortable, ask yourself if you are excited for that party or just nervous you’ll be judged if you don’t go. Whether the answer to these questions is yes or no is irrelevant; college is about learning what the best decision is for you, and no one else.

Learning to question yourself and listen to yourself over everybody is one of the most crucial things we learn in college, and in my opinion one of the very first lessons we need to learn as we become adults. Treating yourself well is more than just a physical task. Treating yourself well is about acknowledging the strength you have within yourself to make the best decisions for you.

So finally, to the Class of 2023, remember to treat yourself with care and consideration, and don’t lose yourself by not listening to that little voice in your head.


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