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Newly formed computer committee addresses concerns

Seton Hall University Interim Provost Karen Boroff, along with the help of the Student Government Association (SGA), has recently established “The Mobile Computing Task Force” in order to address the issues involving the computer program at Seton Hall. The committee is commissioned by Karen Boroff. [caption id="attachment_24827" align="aligncenter" width="838"] Jill Cancela/Staff Photographer[/caption] SGA President Rishi Shah, a junior with a major in finance, economics, and philosophy, has stated that there have been a number of concerns raised by students as of late regarding the laptops they receive from the school. He emphasized the importance of addressing the students concerns as the representatives for the students. “As representatives of the body, it is vital we address their concerns and bring about proper discussion,” Shah said. SGA is hoping to gather all the concerns that students might have regarding the program. Another pressing problem involving the laptops is the price required to pay in order to receive them. Students have said that they feel the price is too steep, and Shah agrees that it is something that may have to be addressed. “There are many affordable choices for computers available to students nowadays and technology is very accessible,” Shah said. “This was not the case when it (the program) was formed over 20 years ago.” There is a panel meeting on Nov 6 with the intention of addressing faculty needs for the program. According to Shah, they will also be forming a student panel during the meeting. Many students would also prefer to just get their own laptop and pay less money than what they have to pay the school. With so many options available in present day, students desire to pick and choose the technology they use. Connor Paradis, a sophomore business administration major, declared that he would prefer to buy a laptop on his own. “Students would be better off making their own decision in regards to what laptop they use for school purposes,” Paradis said. Despite the fact that the price is relatively steep, some students like the fact that the laptop includes things such as the Microsoft package and Wi-Fi. Kevin Dauber, a sophomore with a major in business finance and economics, says that he is very content with how the computer program is set up at the school. “I enjoy the various programs that the computer has to offer,” Dauber said. “It makes it very convenient as a college student.” The computer program at Seton Hall is a controversial topic among students, therefore Boroff and SGA hope to address these concerns in order to decide on the best solution. Jose Balderrama can be reached at


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