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McNulty summer renovations make progress

McNulty Hall, also known as the Science and Technology Center, is undergoing renovations this summer. The renovations began May 22 and are scheduled to end August 17, according to Associate Vice President of Facilities Engineering and Business Affairs, John Signorello, in a previous interview with The Setonian. [caption id="attachment_23437" align="aligncenter" width="838"] Megan O'Brien/Staff Photographer. Renovations to McNulty are scheduled to end August 17.[/caption] In that interview, Signorello discussed the renovations to be made to McNulty’s amphitheater and pre-function space in the lobby. He said the amphitheater renovations includes seating that incorporates electrical outlets for each seat. He added that the renovations include the installation of new carpet, acoustic panels and painting the amphitheater. Signorello said the audio visual equipment would be updated and new LED lighting would be “installed for energy efficiency.” The pre-function space, also known as the lobby, will receive a new display monitor, Signorello said. Signorello discussed the current renovation situation. The demolition is complete and, “New electrical work is underway for lighting,” he wrote in an email. He added that the, “Power to the seats is being routed under [the] floor” and that, “New AV wiring [is] being installed.” He confirmed the renovations are expected to be finished for the fall term and spoke about what impact the renovations will have on students. “The renovations will have a positive impact to freshmen and everyone who uses the space. New seating, power at each seat,” and the audio visual technology will be updated, he said. “The renovations will serve everyone who has a class or event in the room,” Signorello said. Many biology and science majors have classes in McNulty and will be affected by the renovations. Dr. Heping Zhou, chair of the department of biological sciences and an associate professor, commented on how the renovations will affect students who have classes in the building. “The amphitheater in McNulty Hall is heavily used by our department and other science departments,” Zhou wrote in an email. “The renovation will not only improve our students’ learning environment but also enhance their learning experience and effectiveness.” Students who have classes in McNulty discussed their thoughts on the renovations. Alexandra Casapulla, a senior biology major and first year physician assistant student, has had multiple classes in McNulty and likes the building. “It is a little bit crazy that they are renovating already,” Casapulla wrote in an email. “While more outlets are necessary in the amphitheater, it is one of the most updated buildings on campus.” She said she would expect Corrigan Hall or the Nursing and Arts and Sciences’ amphitheaters to be updated before McNulty. She said “there are more urgent cases on campus that should be addressed first before McNulty.” Casapulla said that McNulty amphitheater needs more outlets so it is good they are being added in the renovations. She also said that some of the amphitheater desks have fallen off the hinges and that the technology in the room doesn’t work correctly sometimes. “While any renovation is good, I think the emphasis on the science department of Seton Hall is very obvious. This just pushes the idea that the school of Arts and Sciences, along with Stillman School of Business really do hold the most majors at SHU due to their constant updating of their facilities and heavy support behind them,” Casapulla said. “An updated amphitheater is still really awesome, I just overall think there are areas of our campus that need updating before McNulty!” she said. Maggie Cosgrove, a senior biochemistry major, has had many of her classes in McNulty and thinks the atrium needs more seating. She wrote in an email that “if there more were more seats it would encourage students to study in McNulty and prevent students from having to sit on the ground before class.” Cosgrove added that the renovations are needed and that “renovations are periodically necessary to maintain the aesthetic of the building,” especially since McNulty is widely used. “Having power at each seat is a necessity, many science lectures require the use of your laptop and if it is not sufficiently charged before class then you can miss out on valuable lecture material from professors,” Cosgrove said. She agrees with adding new seating in McNulty because last semester she sat on a chair that had a metal rod sticking out and when she stood up, the metal ripped her jeans. According to Cosgrove, there also needs to be more labs added in McNulty because, “With the current amount of enrolled students there are not enough labs to provide sufficient lab space and time.” Rhea Oza, a junior in the dual degree biology and doctor of physical therapy program, said she is excited to see the renovations. She had most of her classes in McNulty last semester and wrote in an email, “The building itself is not poorly maintained by any means but I do think it lacked a certain edge other buildings on campus had. The seating in the amphitheater was not up to par and personally, I was getting sick of all the jokes professors would make about the broken projector.” Oza said, “the renovations will have a positive impact for Seton Hall. Walking into a ‘brand new’ McNulty will be exciting and hopefully the renovations reflect the dedication and hard work students and faculty put in when they are in the building itself!” Samantha Todd can be reached at


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