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Letter to the editor:

Dear Editors, [caption id="attachment_22136" align="aligncenter" width="508"] Photo obtained from[/caption] When I arrived at the University on Tuesday I was in the parking [deck] looking for a space. When I got to level 4 I saw a car on fire. I assumed that someone had already notified security. However I decided to call security anyway fully expecting to be told that the fire had already been reported. In fact, no one had reported the fire. Students and others just walked by the burning car without showing any concern even for their own safety in a situation where gas fumes could have caused an explosion. When you feel it’s necessary to criticize the administration for not issuing a Pirate-Alert you should also consider the lack of responsibility on the part of the students who didn’t feel it was necessary to take action in a dangerous situation. When I reported the fire to Security they responded within 30 seconds. By the time I got back to my car a Security vehicle was already on the scene and the South Orange Fire Department arrived within minutes. It wasn’t so long ago that a fire in a dormitory took three lives because students didn’t respond to the fire alarm.


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