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Letter to the Editor

I am writing this letter in response to “Real Talk on Race at Seton Hall” event that occurred on campus last week. Disappointing. Historically these type of events rarely meet the expectations of those attending it, especially, the ardent supports of racial justice. That is not to say the event in itself a failure, I was surprised at the large amount of students and faculty in attendance. However, this time around the event failed to meet my expectations. Moreover, I can assure you I am not alone in my sentiment. [caption id="attachment_19477" align="aligncenter" width="508"] The Setonian logo, obtained from[/caption] At this point, discussing race with individuals who do not care is pointless. Case in point, through- out the event there were live polls for the audience. One question surrounding reactions to incidents of racism on campus provoked numerous adjectives. One of the more egregious responses was hungry which provoke a swift condemnation from some in the crowd. In addition, time to do away with excuses when broaching the topic of race in America. Saying it is difficult and hard to discuss are not legitimate reasons and in fact cocoons those who are unwillingly to challenge their worldviews. Those individuals individually check themselves out mentally and  collectively it has had devastating consequences on the livelihood of countless others. Many people of color are told to “be comfortable with the uncomfortable” to help us survive in a White dominated society. I am not going to conform to individual’s nonsensical worldviews or help maintain their fragile egos. To paraphrase one Black professor and alumni of the university comments, enough talking about race, it is time for action; real and tangible results. Based on conversations with minority alumni about their experiences, the school has a long way to go to truly being inclusive and diverse. We all received an email last Friday afternoon relating to survey about the event. Aside from the obvious, some questions posited to us were problematic in itself. As Charlamagne Tha God, one the hosts of the popular nationally syndicated radio show, “The Breakfast Club” says succinctly, “Show and prove by actions and deeds not words and lip service.” Seton Hall University, we are still waiting. Patrick Barron History and Economics Major Seton Hall University Class of 2018


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